Divine Mother: How to be YOU in the 5D

By Jennifer Crokaert on January 24, 2023

My beloved self in myraid forms, each one of you the ocean in a drop; you are the Divine you worship. Why do you treat yourselves so harshly? Why are you so hard on yourself when you are kindness embodied to those around you?

My beloveds, it is time to move beyond this distorted matrix programming. The 5D is about service to others, but those of you reading this are already at the 5D level. The distortion is not balancing service to others with service to self.

When you have service to others without service to yourself, you are creating a distortion. When you have them both, you are in alignment with Divine perfection. It is a process, and learning to love yourself can be as hard a challenge as awakening. Every level, every dimension has its challenges, to allow you to grow, to expand into greater consciousness and to experience the enrichment that comes from going ever deeper into the experience of your innate Divinity.

I would like to make it clear, when I speak of service to your self, I am talking about coming from your heart, from the space of loving kindness. Pushing yourself, powering through and being disciplined are favourite distortions of the mind, the idea of control or ‘power over’ – even if it is only power over yourself – in the old matrix. The idea of ‘new year’s resolutions’ are frequently short lived because they are based on reigning yourself in, on changing yourself by force, rather than through love through the wisdom of the heart, through expansion rather than contraction.

This distorted matrix has fallen now, it’s shadow is there and you can attach to it if you chose, but why chose the illusion? Why not choose the new path of manifestating your truth with grace and ease?

You are creating the coding for the 5D and beyond. Each one of you. You are creating the Ascension templates. How do you want it to look? You create it now by how you be, how you think, how you act. The Universe is intelligent, awake and aware. It is responding to you in every moment. You are now more free than you have been for millenia of your time to create the world as you want it.

It has never been more important to find your joy, to express your pleasure, your delight, to do small things that uplift you – however modest they may be – than it is now. Choosing anything that is in alignment with your love and joy is a clear demostration of balanced 5D energy and contributes to the well-being of all.

Now that doesn’t mean that others won’t be annoyed by your choices: they may well be annoyed. They will be annoyed to the degree that they are embedded in their ego, in distortions of service, and in the old matrix. You can choose to respectfully decline to conform to their wishes.

Be YOU. Be free of chains of fear and the shackles of doubt. Allow yourself to step into the version of You that is bubbling inside you.

One step at a time, one decision at a time… align yourself with love and you are aligned with the highest good, which isn’t always what makes the people around you happiest. And that’s ok…

You have my blessing to be you.

Copyright © 2023 Jennifer Crokaert