Judith Kusel: The Fires of Intense and Far-Reaching Changes

Judith Kusel - http://www.judithkusel.com

The Fires of intense and far-reaching changes are sweeping the earth, and especially the energy and the sacred centers, as well as all life and life forms on earth and within her.

The comet, which last was witnessed 50 000 earth years ago, which is arriving on the 2 February 2023, will intensify this process, and it is programmed to release immense changes upon earth. It will have a ripple effect on the whole, and especially in the Northern Hemisphere, as what was programmed into the earth at the time, will rise and will bring even more sweeping changes.

With this the Earth’s axles is on the brink of tipping, and it too will have ripple effects on all life and life forms.
In truth there is nothing to fear, only immense changes to embrace.

The energies indeed now are so powerful, that all we will feel as if we are going through the fires, and indeed it is the huge cleansing by fire, this time, with the water element, which is liquidizing all and everything. When fire and water meet, you have steam, and steam can is very potent an energy too.

It will be that all will surface now, which needs to surface and which will be transmuted by the fires and further liquidized by the water element and immense plasma energy which is being released.

You will at times, just know you need to take time off to simply be by yourself and to rest, so that your physical body (which also going through drastic changes, from density into Lightbody form), can catch up with all of this, as well as your soul.

The only way to navigate all of this, is via the open heart, and soul. To stay centered in the unconditional love, no matter what happens, and totally connected AS ONE with the Divine Source.

The navigational tools are there, within you, and more than this, Divine Guidance, Power, and Wisdom, steeped with pure Love.

Many souls will choose to leave the planet, rather than to go through this intense cleansing phase, while those who choose to stay, will indeed now step fully in wise and loving leadership roles, as we guide humanity into the New Earth and new beginnings.

It is Africa, and the Southern Hemisphere which will keep things steady.

This is the time of New Beginnings, on all fronts, as the old makes way for the new. This was declared ages ago, and it is all happening now.

It is time to rejoice – for old is crumbling.

The great beginning of the rebirth is here!