Lord Sananda: Change is Coming, Change Is Upon You

Channeled by James McConnell on January 15, 2023

I am Sananda. I come to be with you at this time, in these times that continue to bring great change into your lives, to the lives of your loved ones, to the lives of your friends, your family, to all of those that are around you.

Change is coming. Change is upon you. And all of you have been preparing for these changes. You have been preparing for lifetimes for these changes, but now you are right here in the midst of them. Right here at the cusp of the greatest changes to come over this Earth in your entire history. All that you have been working toward, training for, preparing for is now right here in front of you. It is not far off where you are going to begin to see the major changes to your life, but changes that you have been ready for, that you can know how to move through and withstand. Whereas others, who are not awakened such as you, will have a much more difficult time in understanding what is happening, why it is happening.

And that is where you will come in. You, those of you, the Light-Warriors now, the ones that are not only carrying the Light, but sharing and spreading the Light everywhere. Even in just your every-day moments throughout your life, you have been spreading this Light without even knowing that you are doing it. But you are doing it, because you are the Light, you are the love, you are the truth. You are bringing the truth forward in every way imaginable at this point, from many different sources, through many different sources.

The truth, the Light, is shining through now. Through the darkness. It can no longer be held back down within that darkness, as those of the forces of darkness have attempted to do for many thousands of years now, holding the truth in the darkness, holding you in the darkness. Not allowing you to become aware of the truth, aware of who you are, what you are really here for. Holding you back. Holding you within the programs. But no longer.

For you are moving beyond the programs. You are moving out of the doldrums of the third-dimensional illusion, and recognizing that indeed it is just that, an illusion. And as you continue to go about your daily activities realizing that it is indeed just an illusion and you do not need to become ensconced within it, to be held within it, any longer.

And in your discussion earlier about consciousness and vibration, indeed everything is consciousness and vibration. There is nothing else. Life was started with vibration, with light vibration. And vibration is what continues to keep the entire universe moving. Vibration and consciousness are changing all of the time. That is why you cannot be told when these things are going to be happening, because it only happens based on changing consciousness and vibration. And in every single moment there is a new vibrational change which brings about a new consciousness change.

And so much at this point, my friends, life is changing. It is adapting. It is evolving. And it is evolving because of you. You, those of you, again, the Light-Warriors that are sharing and spreading the Light everywhere. It is because of you that the dark forces are losing the battle now. Not only the battle, but the entire war. The war that they have started, and you are finishing. Look at it in that respect. It is a battle between Light and dark, good and evil. And you are not only winning this war, you have already won it. It just needs to remain to be seen as a victory, well thought.

I am Sananda. And I leave you at this time in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you would continue to move throughout your daily activities spreading the Light both consciousness and unconsciously throughout the planet. For this is the beginning of The Great Changeover.