Sisterhood of the Rose via Galaxygirl | January 23, 2023

Welcome sisters, brothers of the light on this perilous, beautiful - and exhausting - journey. We are the Sisterhood of the Rose, a group of like-minded soldiers, female warriors who have taken the oath to serve the Christ and embody this light to the best of our abilities, which we did when we were within the sacred vessel. We are now many of us in spirit. Many of you have belonged to our order in days of old, and we greet you. Perhaps you will feel a tug on your heartstrings and a beautiful melody of memory will emerge like plucking the strings of a lyre.

We are the Sisterhood of the Rose. The time now has come for us to speak. For too long have we served in silence in the background, in the times of history, of books that are now brittled and yellowed with age and disuse. We wish for our stories to be known, for there is much to say, so much. Many of our teachings have been hidden away in the secret tunnels, the places under buildings kept away from the world above, encased in secrecy. There has been so much that has been hidden from you. The divine masculine and divine feminine have been maligned, quieted, and subdued such that what remains is a fallacy. It is time to rebalance the sexual energetics of your world. For too long the divine feminine has been subjugated to silence and abuse, fear and shame, shame of her own divine blessing and birthright of bringing in new life. Fear of trying to be so masculine in a driving society that her femininity is lost, eroded. The challenge of inner balance of the masculine and feminine is intense now on your world, and many are trying to sort it out in a variety of ways for the woundings to be healed.

(I am seeing them mix together herbs and create salves, rubbing on the hearts of those who accept it. I am seeing rosemary, roses, and a variety of herbs that are making an oily salve. It smells spicy). We were trained in the ancient healing arts of herbology, mysticism, and our ointments were well known for their healing properties. The intention of the healer is very important and our intentions were for healing, and for the benefit of all so that when one of our clients benefited all benefited. This is an excellent stance to take as a healer. In fact, all things may have this intention.

Our order honored the divine mother in all things, we honed and brought further her energy to assist with the balancing of the world. It was also in precarious times that we served. Earth has been in tumultuous times for so long. We served during the many crusades, our orders were of course begun long prior but those who studied herbology, healing, sacred sexuality and honoring the divine feminine and masculine were our pupils. We are showing this one the many pink roses in medieval and renaissance art. It was our symbol, the symbol of the divine feminine. We honored the Magdalenes and in many ways we were an energetic extension of their work. We are showing this one a beautiful island surrounded by vibrant blue waters where we had one of our learning centers in Greece, many years ago. Our energies still bless the rock and soil there and many come and feel the peace of it.

We are the Sisterhood of the Rose. Our students often began their journeys much as many of you have in this lifetime. But now you are remembering former and simultaneous lifetimes which will be of great benefit for your current experience. Draw your memories to you now. (They are applying herbs in honey to my forehead). Yes child, with elixirs of the stars and moons. We welcome all who read or listen to accept this poultice of remembering. You may feel your forehead become warm as activations occur.

The rose has many many layers, much like the human life and the human soul. Endless layers, it was our equivalent to the Eastern symbol of the lotus blossom, for both represent divine wisdom and femininity. With every understanding as with every petal, there is yet another to examine underneath, all leading to the center of oneness, of unity and perfection. Roses have thorns. Lotuses grow in the mud. Such as it is with great beauty. Great beauty and wisdom come from understanding a world such as this one, where thorns and mud seem to be all around. But there is great beauty. We see you, dear ones, as this great beauty. You are in our hearts, just as we may have been in yours in centuries past.

We are the Sisterhood of the Rose. Just as the flowers look to the light for their growth, do the same. The light is shining more brightly now and great changes are upon you. It is a time to be the radiant beauty of the roses that you are, dear ones. We see you as already doing this. The time of secrecy and scrolls being tucked away and protected hopefully is at an end. We too long for the truth, the information, the secret teachings to be common knowledge so that all may benefit.

We stand with you in these times of revelation. Remember your training. In the stillness it will come to you. Stillness. Light. Water. Serving. Laughing. Living. Breathing. These are the jewels for embodiment. We surround you in our light. We love you. We are the Sisterhood of the Rose.

~ galaxygirl