Divine Mother: Kindness is a Revolutionary Act

By Jennifer Crokaert on January 29, 2023

My beloved selves in form, I am overjoyed to be here with you, to have the opportunity to share with you the love that overflows from my heart to yours with every beat of your heart.

You are constantly in my heart, in my awareness.

Your every decision is known and felt by me.

You are cherished. Your sincerity is seen. Your patience. Your forgiveness. Your compassion. Your love. Your generosity. Your every impulse is seen and loved.

You focus on your fears and your shortcomings, I do not. I know that those fearful thoughts, those regrets, shames and embarrassments are illusions from your past; they reflect moments when you were learning the truth of who you Are.

There was a perfection in every distortion.

As you move along the path of heart expansion, you will come to understand this too. You will forgive yourself and others because you will know the perfection in all things.

I do not judge, because I see a picture so wide, so vast, so intricate that I know its perfection. That does not mean there is no balance and rebalance. Of course there is, but that rebalancing is the fruit of your Higher Self, gently assisting you in expanding beyond a constricted point of view, beyond a misunderstanding of Truth.

So be gentle with yourselves. Be gentle with others. You are all facing your own unique challenges.

And if I may be so bold as to say, the greatest challenge is not justice. The greatest challenge is compassion. Start with you. How gentle are you with yourself? You have been programmed by a brutal society that is at odds with the infinite compassion felt in each and every human heart.

As you reclaim compassion with your gentle self, you deprogramme the ‘system’, you bring light to the darkness of fear. Light is infinitely more powerful than darkness. Darkness does not devour light; it is the light that melts darkness. Open a door into a darkened room and watch the light flood in: the darkness disappears, not the light.

Kindness is a revolutionary act of quantum proportions. The Angelics, the Ascended Masters, the Galactics… we can work with kindness. We can use it as a springboard for infinite tiny changes that alter the overall balance of light on Gaia.

Be kind to yourself.

Be kindness to others.

Notice the ripple effect.

As you align with compassion and kindness, you give form to the higher dimensions, you ground them in your body, your home, your neighbourhood, your world.

Kindness is the revolutionary act of quantum proportions, because it is kindness that will bring about Heaven on Earth.

Copyright © 2023 Jennifer Crokaert