2023: A Year of Hope & Healing


by The Arcturian Council ~ Channeled by Kate Woodley

Hello our dear ones,

We are members of the Arcturian Council, and we bring you much love and light. It is always an honour and a pleasure to speak to you through this conduit and to have an opportunity to provide more direct insight and guidance.

Our dear ones, the energies at this time on your planet are ripe for release and for healing. And what we wish for you to know and understand as we look past over the last few years, they have been tumultuous for many of you — they have been tumultuous on a global scale. We understand that this has been difficult. It has required much patience and much compassion on behalf of all of you.
Open Up to More Healing in 2023

What we wish for you to understand at this time is that 2023 is going to be a year of healing. And why you ask? This, our dear ones, is because the energies at this time are ripe for renewal. There has been much that has been released in the past few weeks and months and these massive releases — many of which have been felt by you — they are nearing a closing or point of completion. And with these releases, there is now far more room, energetically speaking, for newer higher energies and greater light to be ushered in and anchored into your realm.

As we look across your globe at the energetic footprint of humanity at this time, though there are pockets of unrest and pockets that still need much healing. As we are seeing it holistically and collectively, there is far more light throughout the human collective. And this is laying the foundation for more healing throughout the rest of the year. This will be healing at an individual level, emotionally and spiritually. But as this healing is carried out individually, it is going to have beautiful repercussions at the collective realm. What you must understand, our dear ones, is that all the work that you endeavour to take on at an individual level, whether it is confronting your inner ills — whether it is releasing, letting go and forgiving — understand that when you do this work at an individual level, it benefits all because you are all energetically interconnected and intertwined. As such, there is no real work that only benefits the individual, but it is taken on through your individual lens of consciousness. But the healing is rippled outwards into the cosmos, and it lands at the collective level. But it is through your individual awareness that the healing is felt and experienced, but all benefit.

This is what we wish for you to know when you endeavour to let go, to heal, to improve, to forgive, to love, to see all things through a compassionate lens. You enable this through the collective lens for the more of you who are willing to step forth, to bring in these higher energies to heal the world and to heal yourselves, understand that through so many facets, you are endeavouring to heal the globe. And this is what humanity needs.

Project Your Light

There are many ills that you are all looking at sometimes through the lens of who is wrong and who is right. But we encourage you all to take a step back and simply to see it through a higher lens and ask yourselves, ‘where can I shine my light’? Where is there greater and more compassion needed?

For all Beings need compassion, even those who you may feel and believe are not worthy or deserving of compassion. They too, our dear ones, need light.

We will remind you to simply envision projecting light —whether it is Source light or whether it is your core light — simply shine it upon those areas of the world that need it most. And this is also true for any individuals in your life who are struggling emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Simply envision them in a beautiful bubble of white and golden light, and hold the intention that they are going to heal, that they are going to receive love, and that they will find the path of greatest light and highest potential. This brings about the greatest and the fastest levels of healing.

This is what your year ahead 2023 brings. It is a year of hope. But this hope is enacted; it is anchored through the lens of forgiveness. And through projected healing and ongoing individual work, this has beautiful repercussions through the collective.

Our dear ones, you will continue to be faced with some of the same themes or challenges that you have faced in the past year or two. But this is simply because as Universal truth would have it, all things must be confronted and faced in order to be healed and released. As such the last few years for all of you have been years of transmutation, years of facing your ills at an individual as well as at a collective level. But as you have all worked to see things through a more loving and compassionate lens, you have propagated much healing and as such, much has been released. There has been much that has been surrendered through the individual lens of awareness and as such through the collective lens. The collective has been releasing and many of you have felt this, there have been moments of emotions, moments of releases, moments of we will say even at an individual level, confusion, turmoil, and fatigue. But this is part of the surrender. As you surrender these old energies, they move through you. They are acknowledged and they are then healed and transmuted into the divine light.

Our dear ones, you are now working to usher in these higher energies and 2023 will bring much closure to old wounds. It will bring rest to areas of unrest, and it will bring compassion to areas that perhaps have been devoid of compassion. Again, this is true for the individual experience as it is true for the collective experience.

Be Purposeful when Using Your Light

We invite you all to continue to focus on hope and healing in 2023. Remember to send your light to where it is needed the most. This is how you each hold space and contribute to global healing.
You are supported individually and collectively. Do not hesitate to call upon your Beings for help. Be specific, ask for the support actively and daily, and know that your requests are heard. And light and support will continue to flow into you through your intuition, through your ‘clair’ abilities, as well as empathically. Know, our dear ones, that you are loved. You are all held in the highest regards as you move to transmute these energies and as you all endeavour to make 2023 a year of renewed energies.

Be very purposeful in your intentions and remember that your thoughts are projected energy forms, and as such, you must think, feel, choose, and decide in light and in love. Be purposeful in your thoughts and know that they are heard, they are felt and rippled throughout the cosmos.

We are with you and we wish you the highest blessings.

Thank you for hearing our message.
The Arcturian Council