Brenda's Blog: Expect the Unexpected

Dear Ones,

Today, January 27, 2023, is yet another unusual transition day. Not because you are so different but because the earth is shifting in ways you never before experienced while of the earth.

The earth is shaking off fear as if it can no longer justify the pain that has been a key earth factor for eons.

Some of you may have noted this major earth-shift with unusual sleep patterns or emotional outbursts. How or if this earth shift impacted your daily routine does not matter. You merely need to know that the earth – as is also true for you – is shedding the fear that has been the earth’s mainstay.

Perhaps you wonder what this earth shift means for you. Brenda, the channel, felt the shift with a very early morning awakening and daylong exhaustion. You might notice or feel it differently. All that matters is this earth shift happened in conjunction with your recent significant inner changes.

This earth-shift impact might momentarily create fear within you because it was not expected nor previously experienced. Your immediate thoughts will likely be that you did something wrong. That you are stressed. That someone said or did something to you. All logical 3D conclusions but no longer applicable in your new world.

Allow actions, interactions, and reactions to be without causation. For you are tiptoeing into this new world of minimal fear. It is as if you dipped your toes in the ocean while standing on the shore and then used that minor interaction as an ocean descriptor, negating all ocean life and movement beyond the beach.

Nothing is as it was. A statement that is more accurate today than it was yesterday. The earth has not only joined your new you party, but it has increased the interactions.

So some of you feel frantic, peaceful, or short-tempered without a justifiable 3D reason. Just as you relate to various phases of the moon or eclipses, you have likely reacted to this significant earth shift in the past few days.

The result is a shift in the anger of earth beings. Even though this earth shift will not be the last, it is likely the most surprising. Not because it is the most significant shift but because you do not yet have the knowledge to fully understand what happened.

In the 3D past, you and the earth were relatively stable. If something similar happened in 3D, it would have been explained by exhaustion, anger, or joy – and for the earth, anticipated seasonal changes and activities. For example, you did not expect snow during 3D mid-summer. That is not to say such will now happen, but to indicate how you expect the earth to react. Just as you expected your 3D self to respond to certain stimuli.

Nothing is as it was and will never be as it was again. Expect the unexpected.

That last phrase is frightening to many because you want to know what will happen and why – that is, you once wanted to know.

You are beginning to hunger for the new and different. What was is boring and what will be is unknown. An unknown that feels exciting. Something you have not felt for some time. Granted, you might have recently experienced exciting vacations, conquered difficult work tasks, or met new friends. All of which were stimulating for a short time until you again fell into a daily ho-hum routine.

You no longer have routines or a ho-hum existence. Even though you perhaps continue with most or all of your routines, they are becoming more and more burdensome. Everything is quickly becoming the same old. That which used to make you sparkle just is.

You likely continue to laugh, play, and have routines or worry about this or that. But it’s all so expected. It just is without the drama or excitement of new that you are beginning to crave.

Just as the earth shook itself up today, you are starting to do the same. Travel, a different job, financial rewards, or a new home – all of which once might have been pleasurable are quickly becoming ho-hum. Your new excitement and rewards are not those of 3D.

Expect the unexpected now that you are beyond 3D and strong enough to flit, as we of the Universes outlined in our new you analogy of a caterpillar transitioning into a butterfly. You are all full-fledged butterflies no longer content to slitter on the ground or remain attached to one flower or even one field.

You are ready and interested in full flights from one adventure to another. Sensations enhanced by today’s major earth shift. So be it. Amen.