Dear friends

Most people actually do want peace. There are only a few people who really want war. These few people see to it, for example, that no peaceful solution can be found.

Especially in these times, when certain groups are deliberately aiming to create war, human beings are needed who anchor peace. This is only possible if a person clearly decides to do so.

This means that people are needed who no longer silently accept violence and war, but consciously say "no" to it and then align themselves with what they do want instead: to peace.

Our thoughts and emotions have an effect.

They go into the collective field and connect there with other like thoughts. When we consciously choose peace, the field for peace becomes a bit lager.

We can't always prevent suffering on the Earth, but we can see to it that we personally radiate something healing and peaceful. This helps much more than we know. It also helps everyone else who is open to these positive energies, and it also results in lower vibrational energies being balanced.

Your Christina