The One through Sophia Love - Incoming energies & more

It is the One.

Hello. Thank you. Would you tell me what is going on with me yesterday and today?

Sophia you are transmuting energy from formlessness through form and then releasing it. It is exhausting work to your physical shell and so you not only notice the exhaustion but as well recognize that it comes from someplace beyond you – foreign to you, away from you. The stress of this “incoming pressure” puts weight on your physical shell and, as a result, you tire. When you feel tired, rest. We’ve discussed this before.

It will not be like this for long; not months or even weeks. It will be this way for a few more days though, through the week.

The rapid influx of energy also alters your body and you feel altered, different and a bit used. In fact, you are being used. There are many of you now with enough “light quotient” who can handle the influx.

It is one of the gifts you arrived with and now share with the planet and her people. If you were not here doing so, more chaos would be erupting. Indeed, it is erupting in some places. Yet, it would be massively chaotic if you light dwellers were not here to stem the tide.

You are acting as bellows. You are holding and changing the light into form that is then more easily utilized by those in your surrounds.

Take this time to nurture. Self-care is important. Continue with your usual activities for your location was chosen and those people around you are benefitting from this work you provide.

You are not called light-workers without reason. You work with the light. Right now, you physically adjust the light frequency. It can be looked at as a positive thing and once the fear of illness or disease is let go of, you can give yourself a break and take more rest than you typically do. It will not be this way for long.

The ramp-up happens now. The physical alterations are a part of that ramp-up. You have come to work with light. All of you are doing so, some more intensely, and at specific times, than others.

You have come for this and it is time. Follow the guidance of your body. It speaks to you.

We are able to talk now about upcoming events. There are scheduled happenings that approach for you. Not so much scheduled by a specific entity, but more like a cosmic calendar.

There will be unusual things in your skies. These things will alarm some of the race. Yet they need not be alarming. These things are a product of your evolution and transformation. They will occur and how they are interpreted will depend on who is doing the interpreting. I tell you this – none of these events mean to cause harm to the race. In fact, it is the opposite. These events signal your expansion.

As you work for the light, and are light dwellers, you may feel these events before they are physically visible. There are to be no specific dates mentioned, as these cause expectation, confusion and promises of happenings. These events approach quickly now. *

I speak of ships in your skies. I speak of massive light pillars. I speak of otherworldly light.

These are not all at once, yet this time you now proceed through will be marked by them in retrospect.

When one of them occurs, it will tell you that prophecy is being fulfilled and that you as a race are witnessing the transformation. So, take any sign from the skies as physical evidence.

These are not meant for just one part of the sky. All of these things will be witnessed by the whole of mankind. So, when they occur, you will know that the worst is over. It will be time then to begin the climb out of the wreckage and build anew.

Thank you.