Ashian: Contraction and Expansion

By Jennifer Crokaert on February 3, 2023

Ashian: Greetings and blessings to all who resonate with this message.

Jennifer: Hello to you too! I hope you don’t mind, but I called on you because I wondered if you could speak on the subject of expansion and contraction.

A: It is always our pleasure to assist the understanding of spiritual truth.

You have been born and raised in a matrix of contraction. Contraction is fear, stress, anxiety, terror, regret… To keep the matrix in place, you have been fed a strict diet of unworthiness, failure, self-denial, false promises and even so-called manifestation tricks. Anything that makes you doubt yourself or feel an iota less than a shining spark of Divine Love is part of the 3D matrix.

Contraction is fuel of the 3D matrix.

You, the light holders and love holders, are moving out of the 3D matrix. Everytime you heal an inner wound, every time you accept your mistakes with compassion, every time you choose to be gentle with yourself (harder than being gentle with others for you), you erode the 3D matrix and build the 5D matrix.

Anxious and fearful is not your natural state: you were trained into this way of being.

The 3D is reinforced daily in millions of tiny ways, from interactions with others who are 3D-trained (almost everyone on Gaia) to the institutions that regulate your life: the medical institution, the legal institution, the educational institution, the food and drink institution, the religious institution, the media and social media institution. You will note we have not even mentioned the governmental or the financial institutions, because they are propped up by all the other institutions. So long as you were fearful and constricted, you fueled the 3D.

When you choose trust over fear, peace over stress, patience over rudeness, breath over breathlessness, you erode the distortion and breathe life into Truth.

You are creating the 5D matrix as you crumble the 3D matrix.

Expansion is the fuel of the 5D matrix.

Expansive, peaceful, joyful, loving, trusting: these emotions are your natural state. This is your True Nature. You do not have to train yourself out of the 3D emotions, as ‘training’ is a 3D notion in and of itself, nor do you have to ‘work’ at leaving it go.

Excavating your 5D self is done slowly and patiently, by bringing kindness, compassion and gentleness to yourself every time you bump into fear, anxiety, stress, anger, resentment, jealousy…

There are many therapies that help and they are most useful. You need to be seen, and by this we do not mean being seen externally, like on social media, that is the negative distortion of seeing, which focuses on the superficial.

Being seen means being beheld. Being seen means loving eyes behold you in your moments of pain and your moments of glory. Being seen recognises you, honours you, the person you are behind the mask.

Your journey through this life can be viewed as a dance between contraction and expansion. When you move into fear, stress and anxiety you contract; where you move into kindness, patience, tolerance and compassion, you expand into your soul. You create the 5D matrix.

J: That’s brilliant, thank you. I wanted to add that I have noticed that as I work through my own knots and sticking-points I find I can exercise greater love and compassion in some areas of my life than in others. Excavating our divine essence isn’t a linear process.

A: You are right, you can do lots of work in one area, and it takes a while for that loving self to become the stronger voice inside. One day, you will notice you are calm in a situation that previously catapulted you into contraction. Then, you will notice expansions of self love in one area extend into other areas of your life over time.

J: Yup! That’s exactly my experience. It’s nice to know that expasions in one area flow into other areas of our lives.

A: One insight heals, it releases an old energy of fear, but it does not only heal that one area of your life; it flows through every untrue distortion you hold as ‘truth’ and softens them so that, eventually, the entire facade of ‘who you thought you should be’ dissolves and the shining truth of who you are emerges.

Your healing frees you to be yourself, and it also frees humanity from the 3D matrix.

J: Quantum entanglement: Change one thing and you change everything!

A: Precisely. You light workers and love holders are doing an astounding service and very soon you will see this energy rise through every part of your lives, like a pheonix, born anew out of the ashes of seeming failure.

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