Time Capsules For Awakening by Lord Merlin - Channeled through Natalie Glasson

Greetings, I extend my love and my blessings to each and every being present. It is an honour, it is a great honour that I am able to come forward and to share wisdom and guidance to support your own spiritual evolution. I, Lord Merlin work closely with the Ascension energies and shifts. I also work closely with the Elementals, Mother Earth, and the Nature Spirits.  It is my mission to intertwine these vibrations and dimensions to ensure spiritual Ascension energies are truly integrated with the Nature Kingdom, the Elementals, Mother Earth and all that is the earthly reality. This also means that the Ascension energies are integrating with your own being. 

Today, I wish to bring forth an understanding that is emerging as rays of energy, light and wisdom, continuously extending from the Creator. These create phases of Ascension, times of focus, subjects that are focused upon, and so, it means that if you flow with the Ascension energies it is almost like you are partaking in a spiritual school. The subject matters simply flow into your reality and into your awareness. As you move with the flow of the Ascension process, it is so much easier, more natural and you receive a great volume of support. You do not need to be concerned about what you should be focusing upon, or what is most advantageous for you to focus upon. You simply allow yourself to receive what is guided noticing the blossoming, awakening and shift easily and naturally taking place. 

As we recognise the energies coming forth at this time, they are focused upon power and there is an area within the Ascension shift that is focused upon accessing wisdom and knowledge from either past or simultaneous lifetimes. When you work with simultaneous or past lifetimes, it is often that you are discovering areas that require healing or to be released. The blockage or limitation, the tension or whatever is stored within that space can be released, overcome and you can step forward in your Ascension. However, with the energy coming forward in this time it is all about focusing upon past and simultaneous lifetimes and receiving the greatest gifts from these. 

There is a wonderful meditation that many are achieving on the inner planes. I wish to describe it to you and then hopefully you will understand the purpose of this phase of Ascension and the meditation as well. 

Many are going into the space, the sanctuary and the ashram of their soul within them. They are sitting in that space, and they are allowing themselves to be surrounded by their soul energy and their creator expression. As they achieve this, they imagine that they are in the most beautiful garden. You might say the garden of the soul. Before them there is grass, and from this grass crystal jewels emerge. You may see their points sticking out from above the soil. Gradually these crystals will emerge especially when you focus upon them.  You can achieve this in meditation and you can bring your attention to one crystal or jewel and invite it to emerge from the soil within your soul ashram. Allow yourself to pick it up and hold it. To recognise that this is a jewel/crystal holds energy from a past or simultaneous lifetime. This is something that you have been waiting to acknowledge. It might be a skill, a tool, an understanding, or a source of inspiration you have been waiting to receive, because it is something that will impact your reality. Allow yourself to sit with this jewel and let its energy melt into your being. Imagine it is like an ice cube, as you hold it, it melts into a liquid light that flows into your palms, your arms and into your entire being. Then meditate in the colour of the light, the sensation or simply acknowledge its presence allowing it to integrate into your being.

These are time capsules from past or simultaneous lifetimes and your soul will make sure that you receive the ones that are most appropriate for now. These time capsules are not about healing the past or a simultaneous lifetimes or letting something go. They encourage you to accept, absorb the truth and your power. What do you discover that will encourage you to be in your power? 

There may be many or just one jewel to discover in the garden of your soul. Take time to explore and to absorb what is necessary. If you are unable to understand consciously, or with your mind, what is held within these time capsules, it is okay, you can simply absorb and accept. You may notice in the coming days or weeks something new, a new energy or inspiration. You might find yourself being drawn to a new activity. This will be you awakening your time capsule. And as we have said, it is all about you being in your power. Everything you receive is sacred and will support you in accessing your own divine power. 

I, Lord Merlin, guide you to achieve this practice as many are achieving it on the inner planes. To summarise it is to go within your soul. To imagine it as a garden, to call forth the time capsules for awakening which will support you in empowering your power. Allow yourself to recognise any jewels within the garden. Pick them up, hold them, focus upon them, absorb them like an ice cube, they will melt into your hands. 

Let yourself  embody these vibrations. I wish you fun, joy and deeper awakening as you discover the time capsules of your past lifetimes or simultaneous lifetimes. 
I thank you, 
I am Lord Merlin