Matt Kahn - Energy Update February 2023

Hello Beautiful Friend,

I welcome you to the first Energy Update of 2023. Let us begin by remembering that we live on a planet where change, growth and evolution are the only constants. This occurs through the ongoing expansion of each person and the planet as a whole by regularly receiving incoming waves of higher frequency photon energy waves from the Central Sun. As these higher frequency energy waves enter our atmosphere, it either awakens the dormant potential of higher awareness, or it triggers emotional clusters and cellular memory. As each cluster of emotions and painful memories encoded in each cell is faced and felt, it activates a deeper level of healing in order to free up space for elevated levels of expansion to occur. One would think with so many incoming waves of high vibe energy, we’d be living on Heaven on Earth by now.

While such changes can be felt and noticed the more we heal, awaken, and integrate, the themes of unconscious activity we see on display throughout our humanity reflect how the new energy affects the operating systems of ego consciousness. Watching waves of higher consciousness flood the unconscious patterning and imprinting of ego is much like watching a city trying to stabilize while enduring storms it hadn’t properly prepared each street to endure.

This is why one of the major themes of February 2023 is the facing and healing of the shadow self.

The shadow is a mask the ego wears. It’s a personality structure created out of a history of pain, loss, fear, torment, and regret. When the shadow exists in an active state of identification, you or someone you know is likely to lash out or force others to relive the pain they still carry. As initial pieces of the shadow are integrated, lashing out becomes more of an inward lashing out called shutting down. During this stage, the ego either replays echos of previous mistreatments, or attempts to repent for those its behavior has wronged -- by taking it out on itself. As lashing out and shutting down equally fall away, harmonic resonance is created with incoming waves of light-filled photon energy.

This occurs by exploring heart-centered spiritual paths, processes, and practices. By becoming even more heart-centered than ever before, you help the ego to find the courage to face itself without a mask of separation dividing inner being with outer world. As the mask of shadow continues to crumble, the monumental shift from unconscious patterning to an awakening chakra system and activated crystalline DNA can often feel like fatigue, a loss of direction, purpose, and ambition, and can even mirror symptom of depression. This is why being a consistent advocate and active participant along a heart-centered journey is so crucial to the evolutionary leaps you have taken and are now ready to make.

Identification with the shadow can be demonstrated by mental breakdowns resulting in criminal behavior, abuses of power, and as we’ve seen, an uprising in suicidal deaths, mass shootings, and greater threats of nuclear war. In this, we can humbly witness evidence of how powerfully the planet is being shifted while a society run by the current patterns being healed watches as its unconscious ways crumble and fall.

As the Universe so clearly states, ‘'It’s only Armageddon for the most prideful, resistant, and entitled aspects of ego. Aspects may not earn respect through their destructive expressions, but are to be respected as expressions of Source for the role they play as instigators of greater awakening consciousness. You, as the resident of this physical form, are not here to fight the ego that is only fed by fighting and fueled by avoidance. Instead, you are here on a rescue mission to assist the ego’s integration back into light as the ego’s fear of death or the unknown melts in the presence of love.’"

While we can certainly build quite a case for how obviously the world is unraveling, we are also witnessing the ‘fall of Rome’ in many ways. Rome not just being the unconsciousness that has run the world, but the individual mega ego structures that have been operating outside of any ethical accountability. Whether witnessing the mass exodus of Twitter employees, companies dropping celebrity endorsements in response to hate speech, more expedient legal recourse toward police brutality, and even the peaceful assembly in response to the Tyre Nichol’s footage, there are very clear signs that the energy pouring in is being received and assimilated.

And yet, the more conscious each of us becomes, we individually contribute frequencies of our ever-expanding light to manifest collective ceasefires throughout all hearts.

Such a fate of global peace does not occur by turning away from the horrors of humanity, nor are we assisting in the matter by dumpster diving down conspiracy rabbit holes or doomsday scrolling news headlines deigned to engage you with the most fear-based narratives. Instead, we come together in personal sovereignty, connected heart to heart as an empathic global community of One to help our planet ascend by healing ourselves and serving the lives of those who have been abused, marginalized, and stripped of their dignity.

If a certain percentage of the planet seems to be responding to incoming waves of consciousness as a threat or foreign invasion, then it is our willingness to explore and befriend our own consciousness on a deeper level that helps extinguish the flames of lashing out and shutting down. If you are being mistreated by the unconscious behavior of someone’s identification with their shadow, the energy of February 2023 invites you to take tangible action steps to remove yourself from such volatile environments -- steps that will positively affect any person or children involved, no matter how anyone initially reacts to unexpected change.

The energy of February 2023 also invites you to revisit big decisions you have envisioned and then put off. As we’ve come out of an intense and exhausting retrograde, and, as the world continues to open back up, the time is now to move in the most inspired direction of your heart’s desire.

If unsure what that looks like throughout your life, your initial step forward is to deliberately bring more passion, presence, and enthusiasm to your current roles and activities. As you allow current reality to be the environment where greater aspects of self step forward, the cosmic employment agency known as the Universe will move the puzzle pieces of time in order to open up space for greater possibilities to enter your awareness.

In summary, the energy of February 2023 is an ideal time to:

  • Anchor light and set intentions of healing each time you hear a difficult news story
  • Earn the trust of your most insufferable parts to dissolve lashing out or shutting down
  • Ask your most hurtful parts to share their deepest regrets, losses, sorrows, and fears with you, instead of projecting them outward or onto you
  • Free yourself from being the enabler of someone else’s shadow, no matter how small of step forward you can take

As an added resource to help you heal the shadow, integrate the ego, and allow 2023 to be one of the most meaningful timeline jumps into 5D reality, please join us for the Healed to Completion online course. Registration is open until this Tuesday, February 7 to ensure everyone has a chance to experience the first initial levels before our first of three live Q&A video calls. If you are ready to begin moving to the other side of your healing journey where living in the full capacity of yourself replaces a need to constantly ‘work on yourself,’ then please reserve your space here for Healed to Completion.

May this time on planet Earth inspire a renewal of hope, a greater remembrance of liberation, and a profound reclaiming of personal power where we may demonstrate our highest potential through our ability to love and be loved as the Source of Light that we are.

All for Light, All for Love,