Green Comet via Galaxygirl | February 2, 2023

Greetings, lighted beings. I too am a being of light. I am many colors within as I embody rainbow light. I bring the harmony of green to this war-torn area of the solar system. I am the green comet. I approach with great abandon and speed and yet on a certain trajectory for my path is carved straight and true. I fly though the breath of Creator. As do you. You too upon your earth are flying through space at an incredible speed. As your bodies morph and change inter-dimensionally. I would argue that you are traveling as fast as I, and yet, you see stagnation for you are within body and within time constraints. I have no constraints. Your scientists say that I will approach again in another 50,000 years. That concept of time means nothing to me. I am light itself traveling within a body of solid and gas, I am light in form. You are light in human body form. We are the same. I am having fun harmonizing your energetics. I show myself as green, the color of love, of life, of new beginnings. The dragons are with me. They fly along side me and try to beat my time. I let them! (I sense teasing friendly banter between her and the dragons. The dragons are laughing which create little smoke rings, and the comet’s laugh rings like a bell.) Such camaraderie as we swish through space!

I am the Green Comet. I am feminine in nature, filled with precious things, precious energies of love, balance and harmony. I am an exclamation point of love that is being sent to your world as a fly by, as a blown kiss. I am feminine. I am balanced. I am fast. I am free. I sent to you great love, great tidings of tremendous hope. All is not lost. Humanity is finding itself again against insurmountable circumstances or so it would appear but you will realize that they are very much surmountable and you are doing it!

I am the Green Comet that you see in your sky for not much longer. Many of you are sad and disappointed that perhaps your city lights and mountains dissuaded a clear view of me. But know that I am harmonizing the heart chakras by bringing green to the skies. Your aurora borealis is much like me, your inner sun shines and emits green love light. There is much love all around. The Great Mother is love. The Great Creator is divine love and laughter. I was born with a laugh and great love. And yet all watch you. All are watching the great ones in this time of planetary metamorphosis. I bring love and the riches of balance, of grace, of harmony to this sector. Peace has come energetically through me and great excitement I bring.

I am the Green Comet. Do not be sad that you did not see me. If you did not, I saw you. I see humanity, I see those of you who work with light like I do and I see you as my comrades. You too blaze a bright trail. Your impact is vast and wide. Your reach is astounding. Your light reaches all things just by your beingness of it.

I am the Green Comet. I send my green love light to you. Peace, friends, peace.

~ galaxygirl