How do you know that your vibration has increased?


Dear friends
Increasing our vibration is a process. Sometimes people ask how they can tell that their vibration has increased.
We are all different, of course, but there are certain things that are similar for many people. Here are some examples:
🌸You follow your heart to a greater extent and feel your intuition more easily.
🌸More of your DNA is activated, so that psychic senses can also be activated. You perceive energies and other dimensions more clearly. This gives rise to beautiful moments, but at the same time you become more sensitive to the energies of other people and places.
🌸You can't talk to certain people as well as you used to be able to because the difference in consciousness has become greater.
🌸Certain people will reject you or get angry with you when you start to walk your own true path. They react like that because it triggers issues in them that they're not yet able to look at.
🌸You feel which foods are really good for you more easily.
🌸You reflect on yourself more and you wish to live out what you came here to do.
🌸There are more moments when you are free of fear and worry and are in a state of trust.
🌸Overall, you feel happier and lighter more and more of the time.
In this way, little by little, we will step out of the matrix that is meant to keep us in a state that is the exact opposite of all this.

Your Christina