Judith Kusel: There is So Much Happening on all Levels Now

by Judith Kusel http://www.judithkusel.com

There is so much happening on all levels now.

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria are but the beginning of earth upheavals as I was shown a few weeks ago, as the earth’s axle is also tipping. It is all part of the dying of the Old Earth as the New Earth is replacing the old, is a huge merging going on.

I was taken into the massive underground chambers underneath the sphinx in Egypt and then into the King’s chamber in the Great Pyramid last night, and I was shown so much which I cannot share here, as it is private. What I can share is that there is a mass releasing and activation of what was stored in these ancient sites.

Much of the ancient technology far surpassed our present day technology and this is awakening now on all levels.

As all of this awakens, our soul memory banks will get triggered and as our own consciousness rises, we will not only remember but able to access such again.

Many of the Old Souls incarnated specifically to work with the reactivated technology and knowledge, which can only be activated via their own soul imprint and not in any other way. In other words, the technology was created by them and used by them and thus only they can activate and use such.

We will often feel as it we have stepped into the far future – because in truth we have as time does not exist anymore and many of us are already in the higher dimensional state and as our consciousness rises we will suddenly be able to see what we could not see before, access what we could not access before and indeed step fully into our new life with such joy – and a great sense of excitement, awe and wonder.

This year will stretch us beyond anything known before!