Earth has given humanity the most amazing learning platform ever offered. Incredible learning is obtained through physical incarnation, as we encounter a multitude of people we chose to interact with, mentally, emotionally, physically and a soul meeting of the heart. For many, this form of learning is coming to an end. We are moving on to more advanced (and more comfortable) ways to grow spiritually, using higher frequencies of light vibration. While we are incarnated, our light vibration remains compatible with the frequency energy band of 3D so we can experience types of 3D events that teach wisdom and love. Now we are moving out of 3D we need to increase our personal level of light for higher learning of the 5th dimension. When a soul’s frequency is compatible with the frequency of a higher dimension, that dimension becomes visible. Some people span several dimensional bands of frequency at the same time.
We are now being helped on the broadest scale imaginable, to let go of the reality and frequency of the third dimension we have experienced on Earth. We now need to raise our frequency. Not everyone wants higher learning at this time as some wish to continue their experience of 3D, feeling there is more to learn. Those people do not need to raise their vibration. They will relocate to other planets that provide a vibrational 3D band. It will no longer exist on Earth.
To help humanity let go of the reality created for 3D learning to occur, we are being shown the world we thought was real is mostly fake and are being encouraged to let go of the mass deception. We can see how invested we have been in the many beliefs, agreements and attachments of a world of separateness and duality. Now we need a new level of awareness to create a world we prefer that incorporates higher dimensional frequencies.
In every conceivable way, we are encouraged to let go of 3D. The reveal offers us many rewards, maybe in ways not yet fully realized. We are given thousands of strange ideas from transgenderism to a flat Earth. Discussion of any unusual ideas can help free us from what we have accepted as normal. It really doesn’t matter if true or not. It gives us opportunities to think outside the matrix of 3D and break free of the illusion. On occasion we no doubt dismiss strange concepts, but unless we absolutely know something is incorrect, we are not doing ourselves any favours to dismiss anything at this stage as being impossible. We don’t have to believe it, but it might help to see it as possible. Many things revealed in the last few years we never thought possible. There will be lots of wrong things but some of them may just fit if we view it in the context of a divine plan for humanity. We need to break free of a reality that glues us inside a square box. It needs lots of common sense, a lot more questioning and an ability to consider new ideas, if we want to get to the truth. It is tricky to feel rightness when light and dark goals seem to be on the same path. In such cases, go with our gut and remember we are in a major interplanetary and cosmic evolution. Planned long ago with the higher forces of light, every move is carefully thought out. Millions of evolved lightworkers came to Earth to become the ground force and get this job done. We are well and truly getting it done! Technically, Earth exists as a learning opportunity for humanity and other life here. Now Earth is ascending to a higher dimensional planet, souls are graduating or returning home and the role Earth has played is changing.
We are dealing with a traumatized and brainwashed society who handed their individual sovereignty to the authorities and now find it hard to think outside the programmed box. Brainwashing has occurred via education, media, movies, religion, radiation, drugged water, chemicals, drugs, alcohol, implants, manipulation, threat of punishment and having rights stripped away. People have been left with millions of beliefs and little real self respect. We may not think people are traumatized, but they are. We need to tread gently and not add more overwhelm or shock. Dire predictions of mass disaster, such as nuclear war, won’t happen.   
We seem to be getting past being careful telling friends and family the truth about covid. We are probably more relaxed now because on some level we know we completed the steps needed to create the blueprint for humanity. We processed the revealed information and passed it into the collective consciousness. That information went into the blueprint required careful steps without drama or upset added. It had to be recorded as a steady process of assimilated data, our coming to terms with that and releasing our judgements around it. That is done now. And while we don’t want to create more havoc with friends and family, it might be time to speak our truth. For those already alienated from family, there is little to lose. It could help them to hear the truth now from us, as most people know someone who has died or been adversely affected by the jab and are perhaps suspicious of the reasons given of it being accidental or from ‘getting’ covid.
The unveiling of our illusionary world is being exposed through many areas, including Twitter and other social media. Even mainstream media is beginning to report things in preparation for bigger reveals later. One example would be a sequence of reports with numbers such as 12, 25 and then 80 people arrested for child trafficking when is later followed with reports of larger numbers. A report occurred this week (9th February 23) in the Californian papers of 368 people arrested in a massive human trafficking bust, with 131 victims rescued.
We are also seeing huge inconsistencies in the media. People are confronted daily with thousands of ridiculous items, which gives them a chance to draw their own conclusions of how conflicting it all is. An example would be when Covid first appeared on the scene, it was clearly stated there was an over 99% expected full recovery and that children were not affected. Despite that, they brought in harsh experimental vaccines and vaccinations for all children. An incredible array of ridiculous reasons are being given to cover up deaths and severe vaccine effects. We are being told you can get strange pains in your body if you watch TV for more than 1 hour and that the type of clothes you dress your infant can cause them heart attacks! A myriad of things have been said to supposedly cause blood clots, shingles and heart attacks – such as eggs, cold weather, warm weather, gardening, climate change, sunlight, football, sleeping positions, sleeping with TV on, sweating, daylight savings, energy bill prices, air pollution, shovelling snow, turning your head too quick, cooking oils, sitting down, traffic noise, humidity, car fumes and video games. We assume no-one could believe these but we are dealing with a dumbed down society. It is not easy to break through brainwashing. If we understand the depths of the brainwashing of humanity, it can also help us stop judging sleeping people, the media and the professions we feel contributed to it all. In the end, we will probably find everyone has contributed in some way to the dense energy of Earth, even if only with negative thinking or acts and judgements.
There are various ways to see the events on Earth, and it can help to understand there is a higher picture to all of it. Considering things from a possible higher view can help us release the grip 3D has on our lives.
FOOD. We are seeing a mass global effort to reduce the production and delivery of food. Millions of acres of farmland has been bought; farms taken over for other production, super sized chicken farms burnt down; farmers being paid 10,000 dollars to stop egg production; fake meat and eggs are produced in factories and we are warned of the dangers of allergic reactions to toxins in insect based food.
We know we have a world situation of the unconscious eating of excessive amounts of chemical laden food. When reveals started a few years ago, many areas were being exposed but at that time, food, supermarkets, chemical additives and the huge amounts being consumed, were yet addressed. Realizing the extent of these major issues, I was curious as to how that area would be approached. It seemed a huge job to wean people off cravings and habits of excessive eating and bring conscious awareness to food intake. I think this area is now being addressed in ways we would not have anticipated. With mass chemical food (including meat) disappearing as options; people becoming aware of fake plastic food (some from 3D printing); planned shortages; 98 major US food plants out of action; a national food plan to avert climate change and disease and the introduction of insects as food substitutes, people will be forced to consciously consider what is available and what is safe to eat. They may choose to grow their own food. All in all, it will result in more conscious intake of food. It will also assist the divine goal of us releasing 3D.
PRODUCTION OF GOODS. Just as the food industry is excessive, so is the purchase of goods. Ceasing or curtailing production and delivery of imports and exports (China being a major supplier) can contribute to more awareness of what we need to live comfortably. Like food, it will also help people releases 3D addictions.
WORLD LEADERS. Prime ministers, politicians, governors, premiers and even princes get kicked out (resign!) of office and we get excited. But sometimes disappointment follows if we see someone just as bad replacing them. A major exposing of everything corrupt on Earth is taking place now, so we could view these hiring and firings as a sequence of exposures. The spotlight goes on the new person, often someone unknown to us, and we see who they are. Their crimes unfold and we see them move on, perhaps to Gitmo! When we research, there does seem a great deal of proof regarding masks, doubles and clones replacing key people. It is also possible some people in positions of authority made deals with the white hats for reduced sentences for their criminal behaviour, e.g. life in prison instead of death.
WOMEN WHO WERE BORN AS MEN. This has come up a lot in alternative media and sounds weird until we look at a possible why! There’s a lot of evidence of this occurring, one example being the past photos of long term lovers Mike (now Michelle) and Barrack Obama. So, why pretend a male child was born a girl? One answer could be the Cabal’s intent to wipe out the human race and replace it with AI. Stated in many of their own writings, including the Georgia Guidestones (large granite tablets engraved with the list of satanic goals for Earth) is their intention to reduce the human population to below 500 million. What better ruse than remove women - a vital component for human life, while at the same time show many women holding key public positions globally.
Scattered pieces of a jigsaw may deceive many people but once pieces are gathered together, a picture emerges. With the huge push of repeated doses of covid vaccine; deliberate adverse weather manipulation including earthquakes; dosing food, water and air with chemicals; covid vaccines affecting women’s periods and sterility; newborns and young children getting vaccinated and dying and young males dying from myocarditis. And another point we may not give much thought to. When a soul experiences loss, it can affect every area of their life including fertility. Lots of sadness has occurred lately from sudden deaths - probably in the millions; from the horrendous adverse side effects - also beyond millions; cancer in people who had been clear for many years being, suddenly diagnosed with advanced cancer; and loss of elderly parents put on ventilators or dying from carcinogenic drugs like Midazolam, with family prevented from visiting through lockdowns and other restrictions.
SHEDDING. I just spoke to an unvaccinated lady who told me her hair began falling out and other friends had the same. A naturopath had told them the cause was covid. I asked her if she had used any immune protection against shedding. She didn’t know what shedding was. I explained. I don’t really know. But can guess that none of these people used any immune protection from the bombardment of spike proteins, etc. being expelled by relatively healthy bodies of the vaccinated, desperately trying to get rid of injected chemicals.
There is an optimum process involved in waking up. It involves the individual gaining self mastery by recognizing truth for themselves. It seems the more personal experience that involves perseverance, examination, research and cognition assists awareness more than just believing information handed on a plate. Awakening was never going to be a sudden mass event, but huge numbers are waking daily. Some people have said a major solar flash will happen and cause a shift of consciousness, but I’m inclined to think if that happened, it would only be after each soul was given the best chance to get truth through their own efforts. We need to be increasing our light vibration. Avoiding negative energies like mainstream media is a good idea. And remember, our individual light adds to Earth’s overall light.
We may not know the details of the divine plan but it can help enormously if we think about the type of events that fit the goal for humanity. Common sense dictates we create as little mass trauma as possible so that Earth continues on an upward trajectory to ascension without setbacks. Earth and humanity are ascending which means everything is increasing in light frequency in order to reach a higher band of evolution to learn through higher harmonics of light energy. By everything, we mean everything. Every scrap of energy existing in any form; molecule, particle, products, matter (which is composed of energy), the sky, ocean, earth, animals, insects - the lot. That higher band of light frequency we are moving into is called the 5th dimension, a light level where people learn through qualities of harmony and love. We are now transiting the 4th dimension where all negative emotions are released, allowing us to move toward a frequency compatible with 5D.
Our planet is one of free will. We have had lots of hit and miss learning from our inexperience and naivety on the road to becoming streetwise. In Atlantis, we welcomed people from other planets and new technology was introduced that was not beneficial for us. Our naivety ultimately caused the downfall of a very technically advanced civilization. It would have been smarter to be less logical and more heart based. In many ways we are seeing our current society as Atlantis playing out once again. This offers us a chance to choose differently this time by selecting care and love for people and humanities over technology such as AI (artificial intelligence). We are smarter now. This time we won’t sink.
The many old souls that arrived during Atlantean times have worked consistently to raise the vibrational frequency of Earth in preparation for this major shift. They are now fully awake and choosing love of humanity. The awakened population will bring initiatives and new ways for humanity to move forward in communities that restore a natural sustainable world. The magic is coming.
There is an after mission banquet in the higher realms. It is filling up fast as people complete their individual roles on Earth. The banquet is fun and where most old soul lightworkers and starseeds will head to watch final steps in Earth’s ascension.  
May our heart and soul always be filled with love and beauty. May abundance and a deep sense of peace be ours forever. May we always be the person we truly are and lead by example with truth, a gentle heart, honesty and love. May the light of God touch our wings and wrap us in golden light, that we may we step with excitement into a new world of light and magical creation where dreams come true.
With love,
Sandy Stevenson (Shantarn)
13th February 2023