Nicky Hamid: I Believe


I Believe.

I believe that now so many of us are truly “Smiling”, the old game is disappearing rapidly for the HUman Collective.

I believe that humanity, in its deepest knowing has said “enough is enough”.

I believe that a huge number of us are not done with this planet of “solid” form and dimension though, we are most definitely multidimensional Beings.

I believe that we desire to create a New Earth Dream of abundance and joy in all aspects of our seeing, and experiencing life together.

I believe that we will explore the fullness of SOUL truth in creating together through “freewill” and unrestricted choice.

I believe we are here to heal all Human Hearts and the planet is not broken.

I believe we are here to Be ALL WE CAN BE

I believe that it is the intention of many of us to Know all there is to know about Love initiated creating, and when WE are ready…..

I believe that once complete, WE will take this Knowing, based on our experience, into the far reaches of the Cosmos as emissaries and carriers, and Creators of the Knowledge of the Loving Living Library of Earth.

And whatever I have said is not it, because it is much, much more.

The distance between believing and knowing is but a very simple and easy drop from mind into Heart.

Shine On

I So Love You

PS: FEEL FREE to modify and change this as you see fit and pass your Dream on to all your friends. You/WE are the Singularity of Us All.
You are the Power of One.
If You do not dream and imagine and feel confident in your power to do so WE do not create but prolong the old worn out illusion. Dream BIG.
Being responsible is using Your ability to respond in this moment and create consciously the possible experiences YOU move towards (into).