Jesus through John: I, Jesus, am always with you all, loving and embracing you constantly


By John Smallman on February 14, 2023

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All are One, and deep within yourselves you do know this. And the One is Mother/Father/God, Source, Love – you. Only this is Real, any sense or feeling that is not in alignment with Love is unreal, temporary, and will not last. There will be no memory of the unreal to remind you of pain and suffering seemingly experienced as extremely real in the nightmare or dream state of separation from which you will awaken, as you are in fact doing right now. All is well, and you know this is the divine Truth. Love is All. There is nothing else.

You, every sentient being, is embraced by Love in every instant of your eternal existence. Relax into this sense, into this state of awareness, of conscious and loving acceptance of yourselves whenever you feel doubt, anxiety, resentment, anger, unworthiness, or inadequacy arising, and allow the Love that you are to dissolve anything seemingly within you that would encourage you to believe that you are not perfect just as you are, that you are not a perfect expression of divine Love.

I, Jesus, am always with you all, loving and embracing you constantly, and soothing away any invalid negative self-judgmental thoughts or ideas that are attempting to distract you from knowing yourselves as you each truly are – innumerable, abundant, and most beautiful divine beings, beings of brilliant Light, eternal differentiated expressions of the One, Mother/Father/God, ceaselessly!

You have never been abandoned even for the briefest of nanoseconds, however you did, extremely briefly, choose to experience a totally illusory sense of separation from Source. It never happened. But while you are living your human lives in form that Truth is inordinately difficult for you to accept. Nevertheless, when you choose to go within, to your most holy inner sanctuaries, and very positively invite Love to enter and embrace you, It will. You will feel It, although very frequently your egos will do their utmost to convince you that you are imagining It, that It is unreal. But, of course, It is the only Reality. Your egos, and the unloving attitudes, judgments, and behaviors that they attempt to enforce you to believe in are what is UNREAL!

You have collectively constructed – because you have enormous power and imaginative abilities – an apparently vast environment in which each one of you feels terrifyingly small and insignificant. And so you fabricated an unreal or imaginary entity to guide and protect you from the vast and excessively threatening environment in which you found yourselves as beings in form – the ego! Then, you gave it power, your power, and it has used it against you ever since because it fears that you will come to realize what a disservice you have done to yourselves, and so dissolve and terminate it. And you will! You have absolutely no need of it once, as humans in form, you have matured into adulthood and learned to operate those forms. Unfortunately the vast majority of those in form have not matured because their egos have from the very beginning worked extremely hard to ensure that within them dwells a small and frightened child, an inner child that constantly needs their protection.

Your individual tasks as humans is to fully mature while maintaining the innocence, the curiosity, and the joy of childhood. You are joy, joy is your nature, but in infancy and childhood you have all experienced trauma because the frightened inner children of your care-givers sought to control you, fearing that if you truly developed your own autonomy you would see, judge, and condemn them for their inadequacies. And of course this is what happens for most people, they join an endless cycle of traumatized adult beings who do not, and seemingly cannot, mature into full adulthood.

When I told you to become as little children, I was not asking you to remain childish and immature, I was asking you to maintain the joy, innocence, and curiosity that small children express so beautifully, in order that you would mature into the wisdom of adulthood while retaining the wonder and delight of each new life and love-filled moment. Your awakening is the process of doing just that, of finding within yourselves the knowing and the experiencing of the Reality that you are eternally One with Mother/Father/God, and that separation has never happened.

As I have told you numerous times already, your awakening is divinely assured, and it is now in the process of coming to fruition, of coming into the most beautiful of blossoms to delight and amaze you once more as you once more know and experience yourselves as the beloved children of God.

You are all totally free divine beings, and even when you incarnate as infants you are free. However, whichever culture into which you are born has its own long established rules and regulations which have been passed down from generation to generation, and as you grow from infancy to adulthood it becomes very apparent to you that you are not free. You are expected to align with and accept unquestioningly the cultural norms of the society into which – apparently through no choice of your own – you have been born.

Human parents never cease to love their children, even though this frequently appears not to be the case. What happens is that human parents practically always feel that they are not capable of adequately parenting their innocent little ones, and they are afraid of being seen and judged in their inadequacy by others. Instead of allowing their little ones the space and freedom in which to follow their own pre-planned life paths as humans, growing freely, finding and knowing themselves as the divine beings that they are, parents, in their fear and anxiety, attempt to control and direct them in order to keep them safe, and to at least appear to others as competent caregivers, this of course does not work and tends to alienate them.

To awaken is to come to the full and complete realization that you are each, and always have been, utterly free sovereign beings, created in Love from Love by your heavenly Father. Right now, as you read or listen to this message, that I am directing to each of you personally, you are awakening and in so doing you are coming to the full and most wondrous cognizance of your true nature, of the Truth of who You are – utterly free divine Beings eternally at One with your loving Source – Mother/Father/God, LOVE in All Her magnificence and glory.

Your loving brother, Jesus.