Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - February 17, 2023

You are going through many changes that are necessary to prepare the Earth for its transition to the New Age. The result is that there will be more destruction and loss of life as you are now experiencing but it is unavoidable. Be assured that all of you will have been aware of the likely changes and the extent to which they would affect you prior to incarnating on Earth. The loss of life is a final clearance of karma built up over earlier lives that has to be cleared before you can further progress.

Be assured that each soul would have accepted their responsibilities and comforted by knowing that they were not being punished, and would be helped throughout their experiences. Lessons can often only be learned through experiencing similar conditions to those that led to karma being incurred. All through your experiences you are helped through them to ensure you will not need them again, and given explanations for their necessity so that the lessons intended help your onward progress.

There is much sorrow caused in times of change, and it is when your Guides draw closer to help you through such periods. Never look upon such experiences as punishment, as they are only a means by which you learn to overcome weaknesses in your relationship with other people. You are still loved and helped at every step you take so there is no reason to feel neglected or forgotten. The thoughts behind all activities are for your betterment and help you to successfully come through your experiences.

You are on the verge of moving on and leaving the lower vibrations behind. You have had the strength and resolve to overcome all adversity, and your reward will be to move into the higher vibrations where the lower entities cannot exist. It will be the thousand years of peace so often spoken of that will be joyful and a beautiful experience on the new Earth that has been prepared for you. The wonders of such a world are beyond your imagination, the colours and the beauty with no darkness to spoil your experience.

At the higher levels there is no death such as you understand it, merely a change like putting a new set of clothes on and you do that simply through your power of thought. The Sun never stops shining and life is like a dream where everything is in pristine condition and vibrates as one. Words cannot express the true beauty and majesty of such a world that is far removed from your present experiences. Knowing what the future holds for you should help give you strength at those times when your faith is under pressure.

Few understand the importance of what you are going through and if they did would be far more positive. We can understand why heads are down at present but a wonderful future lays ahead and knowing that should give everyone a boost and help them through whatever problems come their way. The persistent ones caused by the negative entities will gradually die down because as we enter the higher vibrations they will be left behind. It may take a time to reach that point but it will come and in most of our lifetimes.

Your Solar System is full of cloaked ships waiting for their opportunity to de-cloak and be visible to all on Earth, and what a great day that will be to see our friends who have been waiting to introduce themselves. There will definitely be celebrations all around, some will be family so pleased to meet their own again. You will all deserve the acclimations that will follow and a great time will be had by all. Your future is assured and you will have an opportunity to choose your next travels through the Universe as an Ambassador of the Light.

Realise that you have trained and experienced so many lives to ensure that you are ready to break out of your present cycle. You will be literally ready for any task and able to apply your spiritual knowledge to deal with any challenge you may encounter. However, you may follow a different path but at heart you will always be a Lightworker. You can rightly be called an old soul having had hundreds of lives in all manner of situations and well versed in the art of communication.

You are restricted as to how much of your real attributes you can bring through now, but just wait until you have more freedom and the best will show itself. You are far greater that you can imagine but held back to work in the lower dimensions to help lesser souls become aware of their true potential. You have had the right experiences that will serve you well in the future and enhance your abilities so that you can handle any tasks put your way. You may of course choose to work with groups and explore the Universe.

You are more than you think you are and only held back, but you came with all you needed to carry out your tasks. You have grown through your experiences and helped others who have crossed your path. Life can be so rewarding when you do so to aid your progress, and in general that is what all ascended souls do as they go on their travels. There are multitudes of different life forms that you will find within the Universe and so much can be learned from such contacts.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.