Nabiore via Galaxygirl | February 15, 2023

I am an electrical being. (I am seeing and sensing purple electric zaps and the energy is charged around me.) I am here now to enliven and encourage the divine feminine who has felt perhaps isolated from her divine counterpart. Know too that the human men have felt isolated from their counterparts, as the earth journey has been an isolating one.

(I am seeing a muscular male being with a leather skirt, long black hair drawn up tight and high in a warrior’s ornamental hair style with spikes sticking out. There is white war paint on his high cheekbones and he has a narrow fierce face. He appears Native American. He is wearing leather boot moccasins and carrying a spear with a hook on the end. Purple electricity comes out of the hook. He is tall, fierce and imposing.)

Galaxygirl, you asked to speak with a male of the ascended ways did you not? (I did.) Then why are you surprised with my appearance? Were you expecting a soft headed monk? A placid lover of books? Those things are equally important but my energy is one for electrical change, and change is what is needed in your realm. It is important the true awakened masculine arises. I am here to charge that awakening. There is of course a balance of the masculine and the feminine within everyone, and so my charge goes to all who seek balance.

I Nabiore am speaking. The divine masculine speaks. I ignite the divine masculine within you. There have been many messages through this one of the divine feminine as there has been much needed healing to this side, and it has been important for the feminine to find their voice. The balance must return to equality. I see this word is a charge for you, has been programmed to immediately incite anger. Equality. Let’s say it again then, yes? It is time for you to all equally see yourselves as the mind of god within human form. As each aspect having the ups and downs of a human experience. As each experience being equally valid and loved within the mind of Creator. In that way you are equal. You are equally loved and valued. You have all been equally wounded in your own ways, yes, everyone has a story and this realm is rough with pain and misery, but also with joy and gladness for those with the eyes to see. Master Yeshua said that often. For those with the eyes to see, can you see that it is time for great change, and that you are standing on the precipice of the new?

Standing and looking at Gaia, whom I am honored to serve, I see the heavy burdens that you all are carrying regardless of your sex. All have a heavy burden and in this way you are equal. All have been wounded and all have done wounding. In this way you are equal. And in this is your strength of experience, your strength of comradeship, your strength of shared light, shared joy, shared pain. The human collective is rising. The darkness cannot stop it.

I Nabiore am speaking. (He points his hooked weapon into the dark space around him and charges it with purple light and sends it as a bolt of light to Gaia. It dissipates into soft violet light and I see that the light particles are quantum, each molecule is individuated consciousness of healing. I am seeing them enter human bodies and heal energetically from the inside. I am seeing boys and girls holding hands and walking together.)

It is time for the divine to meet. It is time for the wounded warriors’ healing and the wounded maidens to grieve no more. It is time for healing. The time of the rainbow warriors that my people portrayed is here now. You reading, you are those warriors of the way, of the light. I charge you now with my staff, which is a weapon when needed but also a conduit of my light and love. (His face softens and his eyes crinkle, suddenly he is ancient and wise.) I am all things, just as you are all things. I am all times. I serve Creator with my light of purple and I ignite you now. It is a benediction of light.

I Nabiore am speaking. Great changes are coming to your surface world for the discrepancy of light and dark is too great. The light is rising and the dark is trying to hold on. Soon there will be nothing left for them to hold onto. I say this with sincerity. Those of you who wonder how much longer, will no longer need to wonder this and instead watch with open mouths and wide eyes. Please watch and witness with the open balanced heart of Creator, living in you.

There are many misunderstandings in your realm of what a divine masculine should be. (We are walking along a stream on a prairie and we are with his people, all warriors but there is no war, they are strong, native peoples in family groups. He is showing me a young couple walking together with the man kissing the maiden’s hand, and she is laughing. He is showing me fathers with children climbing on them, and they are laughing and playfully wrestling). Yes, galaxygirl you see in times of peace this is possible. And here. (He shows me them in warrior mode fighting, covered in white paint and blood, fighting to defend their families.) And this is what you have been energetically experiencing for a long while. This is why your men are wounded, quietly suffering. They no longer let out the battle cry. The have it suffocate within their throats and their inner flame dies.

This is to end. Healing will come. The battle is not yet over. This is a battle of energies clashing. You are here to energetically bring balance to this realm with your light. With your love. And now with your inner balance. I have been sent here today for this purpose, for the inner balance and assisting of it. Soon this will be most needed. It will bring you strength, and this strength will be the realization that you are the strength that you need, in the moment that you are in you are solid. You are both the warrior and the maiden, you are the father protector and the mother defender. You are strong. As the buffalo filled the plains so are the prayers of the ancestors surrounding you. The well wishes for your success and the energies of support are strong.

For those who wish, kneel. Allow me to touch my staff of purple light to your crown, and feel the warmth of peace, of balance. That is what I offer today. It is enough. I am Nabiore.

~ galaxygirl