Nicky Hamid: Something MONUMENTAL, HUGE and AWESOME is happening NOW


Something MONUMENTAL, HUGE and AWESOME is happening NOW.

When I was 18 years old I was taken back to the future and I saw in great detail how HUmanity had woken up and were living in a pristine and totally harmonious Earth and life together.

I have been taken on a journey through these years seeing and living the signs I was shown. Just as You are. Each awakening at their chosen time.

Sages and Seers, Ancients, and Tribal Elders have foretold of this time of mass awakening.
And NOW Earth, Gaia Herself, is giving her Voice in the WAKE UP call to end all calls, to the HUman Heart.

You have been feeling it mounting from WITHIN, spiritually, physically, mentally and above all, I”in your face” emotionally.

Earth has always Sung Her Song. And technically it has been called the “Schumann Resonance”.
Up until the late 80s it has been around 7.83 Hz and has slowly begun to rise to be around double in 2012 and has continued to rise to 75+. Some days it shoots up to peaking well over 100..

Gaia is Calling and every Heart on this planet is being opened. No one will not be able to feel this change in some way. Nor continue to keep stuffing their truth of Who they really ARE, down into their subconscious.

Think of the consequences of this Great Move on so many who have been asleep for ages and now woken ‘suddenly”.

Your people need you.

Will you stand up with hand on Heart? Will you breathe your breath of LIFE ( LIGHT and LOVE)?

Will you walk with calm and dignity? Will you touch the Earth and feel Her GIFT?

Will you be Present for others and show them the simplicity of this so that they may have a day to day way of finding a place in the chaos that they will be feeling.

Do you have the courage and commitment to be ALL YOU CAN BE.

There is no choice anymore.

WE go with the FLOW regardless of what is coming up in us All because it is leaving.

Shine On.

I So Love You
PS: And all we have to do is Go Within by dropping our attention from mind into Heart on any given occasion. Every time you choose Love in the face of fear, doubt and uncertainty, you raise yourself, and our entire Collective up. This is the SHIFT OF AGES.