Creating The New Timeline - Archangel Michael through James McConnell

I am Archangel Michael. I come at this time to be with you, in these exciting times that you are in now.

Yes, indeed, you may look at these times and not see them as quite so exciting, or at least not as you would want them to be. But take heed, my friends, those times are coming. Those times that you have been dreaming about, wishing for, are indeed coming. And they are not far off date at all now. We will not say the word ‘soon,’ but know that it is in your proximity now, whatever that might be to you, that term ‘proximity,’ however you would look at that.

It is very close now, very close. Not so much the Solar Flash, although that is indeed approaching as well. But the Great Changeover that you are in process now, the great understanding of the revealing of truth that is coming. It is coming from so many different directions and different sources are bringing this truth through, whether it is intel sources or spiritual sources, channeling sources, whatever it is, it is all bringing the truth forward. And you are seeing this, each and every day with your physical eyes and your ears. You are hearing this.

True, you cannot believe everything you see and hear, for it is a need for discernment. That is what is called for in these times, to discern what is truth for you, and not truth for you. But what is truth for you is not so much truth for another. So understand that as the timelines continue to shift and change. And yes, indeed, you are creating your new timeline. You individually are creating a timeline with your words, your thoughts, each and every moment. And when you as individuals are creating the timeline for yourself, you are also in process of creating the greater timeline for the collective consciousness of man. Yes, there are those that are attempting, and will continue to attempt, to hold you back, but their time is fleeting. They are losing the battle, and have indeed lost the entire war here. The battles may continue, but the war is over. The war between good and evil has indeed been finished. It is in that process now, and there will be certain battles that will continue on.

But you, with your Sword of Truth that each and every one of you have, you can wield that sword. Wield that sword wherever it is needed and bring truth to all those that are ready to receive it. Just raise your figurative sword within you, figurative meaning not a physical sword, of course, but the sword that is mighty within you. And wield it! Wield it to share and strike any other person that is ready for this. Strike them with the truth. Strike them with the Light so that they are then given the experience that you each have had, the awakening experience that you each have had.

For it is destined that so many more will continue to awaken each and every moment moving forward now. And those of the forces of darkness attempt to hold back that, attempt to hold on to the old time-lines, the old ways, the third-dimensional illusion as much as they can. But they cannot any longer. They have indeed been defeated. And it is time for that.

It is time for those of you that have come here, have volunteered to be here, to be a part of this expression and create this expression moving forward. It is time, your time now, your time to begin to experience life more and more as you want to experience it.

But do not wait. Do not wait for The Great Changeover, the Great Solar Flash. Do not wait for it. Create it now in the moments now that you have. Create your new life. Create the timeline that you want. And indeed, again, as you create the timeline for yourself, you are in process of creating the timelines for everyone else to become a part of.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. And that you would continue to move forward. Move forward every moment. Do not let yourself slip back. And if you do slip back, then step forward again and again, one foot after another. Continue the journey one step at a time.

ANCIENT AWAKENINGS Sunday Call 19.02.2023