Nicky Hamid: Breaking the Habits of Duality Focused Living

by Nicky Hamid -

Breaking Habits of Duality focussed Living

For many it is hard to believe that Earth has already ascended (shifted to the 5th dimension) because nothing much has appeared to change, except more chaos and less certainty . But not only are you experiencing countless alterations in your bodily feeling, emotions, and mental processes, it is quite clear that none of the structures of the old human life have much substance.

It is just like you, as you knew yourself, and the old world of duality has “lost its grip”. Everyone is trying to cling on to what was “known” but there is no energy to support the old ways any longer.

Life as we knew it is ‘Falling apart”. Nothing works, everything that was, appears flimsy, unsubstantial, empty and ‘gutless’.

So in fact it is all changing and you are being required to take conscious charge of yourself and your life. To make a total commitment to live at another frequency of Being (the “5th dimension and higher , if you will) in order to cocreate with Nova Earth an entirely new way of living and being HUman.

You are here so you obvious chose, at a Soul level, to make the consciousness shift. And you have a choice. To do it the easy way or the hard way.

Any resistance causes you “suffering”. Letting go, waking up. watching and allowing brings peace and joy and magic. And what do you have to do?

To simply take your place, own your place, as a Soul Being in the HUman experience of raising density, of creating in Unity with all other HUmans, the highest, fullest, and most awesome expression of HUman living based completely on unconditional lovingness.

And the only block to any of the unfoldment of this, your purpose, is the habits of thought, emotion, and action that you have clung to in your expression of being human in duality (a reality of choice through contrast).

So all of us will have old habits and beliefs arising that no longer have any basis whatsoever. Your judgements. And it is not about understanding from the mental mind any of it.

Old habits will die when you can consciously step back into your inner experience of Soul Being, your still point (the void), your HEART, (become centred and quiet and grounded, see the habit just as it is, smile and say quietly “I see you, I no longer need you for you are not who I AM, and it is all OK”.

And thus I would say that if you practise anything simply give yourself time every day to just be with yourself in a grounded manner and do nothing. Just watch. And learn to be totally committed to this until it becomes 24/7.

And when you are having a tougher moment choose this stillness, ask for a Spirit guide or us here, who are making this self same journey. to give you the support of standing with you, and just watch.

Everything, but everything, of the old has no support and is leaving. Either you say goodbye to it with love or you grieve and fight and agonise and suffer over it and it will simply rise again because you are still clinging to something which no longer has substance, no longer serves you.

And if you do not heed your own inner promptings then something in your life will be taken away so that you do wake up.


There is a Chinese saying “The best way to avoid evil is to make energetic progress in the good”.

What WE are saying here is, choose your centre regardless of the outer. Learn to be comfortable and comforted within yourself, then choose how love would see it and take your next step, trusting because you are living from a 5th dimensional sense of Being and thus everything, but everything, sits in a field of total benevolence.

Shine On
I So Love You
PS; You cannot get rid of duality reality while in HUman form.
There is always two sides to everything when we play in mental mind. The trick is not to get fixed on anything nor take ourselves too seriously.