Messages from Ann & the Angels - 10/27/2018 • Are You True To You?

TheAngelsToday we have the Presence again. I felt a tremendous heat overtake me, and a sense of life's inherent order and perfection that the Divine is coaxing us to embrace...

Your differences on this earth are here to provide contrast and to help you grow in understanding about what you wish to create – both in life and within yourselves. You can more easily focus on what you want when you see examples of it in the world... or examples of its polar opposite.

Water, for example takes a more focused course when it bumps up against the canyon walls that actually serve to channel it downstream. So too when you bump up against what you don't want, you are channeled more clearly in the direction that you do.

I am in all beings and all things no matter whether they know it or not. Those who have hurt you are showing you areas of your own pain and misunderstanding. Those who have helped you are showing you areas of your own light. Those who have rejected you are simply sign bearers along the path, saying to you, "This is not the way you want to travel. I cannot give you what you want."
All beings even in their forgetfulness, exist in a dance. I am guiding all back home to the awareness of your true nature. When you bump into those who are unkind, who don't acknowledge your light, or simply don't see you for who you truly are, know that you are simply being redirected, as water is by the canyon walls, towards a kinder and gentler existence.
Rather than trying to earn affection, prove your worth, or do any other of a number of manipulative dances when you bump up against those with whom you don't resonate, just remain true to yourself. Listen to your heart and say what you need to say in love, or move in other directions.

I would never expect the heart to be the bone, or the bone to be the heart. Nor would I ever expect you to harden when you wish to be soft or soften when you wish to remain firm. i wish only for you to be true to yourselves. In that reality, you would all sort yourselves out into groups that love to work and play together in very much the same way the cells in your body organize themselves, naturally, into organs and systems that work together.
Be true to yourselves, dear embodiments of my love. In this fashion you will find your heart, your tribe, your joy, and your freedom. You will unite with those with whom you resonate.

By granting yourself the freedom to be yourself, you catalyze and grant others permission to be true to themselves as well. In this fashion, each of you becomes a cell in the body of Christ, unified and yet diverse, in a harmonious and beautiful dance of expanding love.

I love you. I AM.