Lorie Ladd: You Don’t Need Fixing


This world will convince you that you need fixing. This idea, this program, keeps you in a disempowered state.

This disempowered state convinces you that you need to create the “right” or “good” version of you. Meanwhile you are denying what is merely your human experience.

There has never been anything wrong with you that needs fixing. You have merely been experiencing a human journey and you are remembering how it all works.

That maybe, just maybe, all the programming to fix this, change this, alter this, be this, heal this, was a way to disconnect you from you.

Maybe it was a way to disconnect you from the deepest love you will ever know, love for you.Love for all of you regardless of your actions, behaviors, beliefs, thoughts, or emotional states.

Your entire human journey has been an energetic experience expressed physically. You have been experiencing energy in form.

You’ve also been convinced that you are the energetic experience ( i.e the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviors, additions, disorders, etc.)

However, the moment you remember you have never been any of it. It has all just been you experiencing energy is the moment you break free.

You are currently taking off a blind fold that has created the illusion that you are your experiences, and you are remembering who you actually are, consciousness in form experiencing a human journey.

When this occurs you will embrace all of you. You will release with love and compassion what no longer serves you and you will choose to engage and experience what does serve you.
So, keep remembering!

And don’t let anything/anyone outside of you, ever convince you that you need to change, fix or become anything other than who you are because who you are is enough.

Your entire human experience is you coming back home to you, remembering that you have never been any of it.

Embrace it all.