Why Full Disclosure is in the Best Interest of Humanity


  • Full Disclosure allows humanity to finally grow up into a mature, independent species, however painful that may prove to be.
  • Full Disclosure is a process, not an event, however an event is needed as a catalyst.
  • A Partial Disclosure will only continue a two-tiered pyramid structure: the enlightened and the enslaved.
  • To continue to coddle the ignorance of future generations is to create a permanent human slave class (particularly with new technological advances).

By: David Nova | Source: Deus Nexus


Let’s be precise. Full Disclosure is not simply the exposure of elite malfeasance. Full Disclosure does not stop with the exposure of deep state political machinations, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, human trafficking, pedophile networks, or any other dirty secret of the global elite.

This would only be a Partial Disclosure, a Political Disclosure. This would merely be the tip of the iceberg, a first step. And there would undoubtably be a great many steps to take within this first level of disclosure, as some of the revelations would be extremely challenging for the public to absorb.

However, just because something is extremely challenging does not make it any less imperative. Hard truths must be revealed and processed in order for humanity to grow up and evolve into a mature, independent, star-faring species. Otherwise we shall continue to be enslaved children to any force that can withhold knowledge from us. Otherwise we may face a slow extinction in the safe space of our own self-protection and self-delusion.

If we wish to take our place among the stars alongside other advanced civilizations we need to conduct a full audit of our past, our present, and our own shadow side. We need to become fearless souls, wise as serpents, unified in purpose as a people. This is an absolute necessity for the future of our spiritual sovereignty.

Full Disclosure would also include but not be limited to … the truth about media manipulation, our dysfunctional education system, and covert mind control programs. The truth about war profiteering, false flags, and 9/11. The truth about the deliberate poisoning of our environment, our bodies, our food supply. The truth about diseases, vaccines, and the pharmaceutical industry.  The truth about hidden technologies, energy technologies, life extension technologies, and life saving cures. The truth about archeology, history, religion, our ancestry, and the genesis of our species. The truth about extraterrestrial contact and lost civilizations. The truth about secret space programs and breakaway civilizations. The truth about the occult human groups, negative entities, and the spiritual influences that have been enslaving humanity for millenia. But most importantly the truth about our spiritual nature, the nature of our reality, and the multidimensional universe we inhabit. This is Full Disclosure. I may have overlooked some specific examples but you get the idea. Full Disclosure is so much bigger than simply exposing the American Deep State.


It is likely fear and the need (or illusion) to maintain control that makes a Partial Disclosure appealing to those in power, or those attempting to reclaim power. However, both bad and good actors are likely to succumb to the temptation of a Partial Disclosure narrative, because the very nature of holding power is maintaining control of information. To give away knowledge is to give away empowerment.

However a Partial Disclosure is just the first step on the road to Full Disclosure. It’s like embarking on a life-changing expedition up the side of a mountain, yet deciding that you are going to stop at the first safe plateau. But the mountain beckons. It looms on the horizon, always in sight, never going away. Once you start this journey of discovery you cannot turn back. The mountain is alway there waiting to be climbed, and though some may choose to give up, others who follow will eventually succeed. This is our human nature.

And yet our very human nature is under attack, which is why it is imperative that we no longer coddle the willful ignorance of future generations. (Parents take heed) We risk creating a generation of mindless, technologically dependent, transhuman drones who are terrified of independent creative thought, who seek their self-identity, their self-worth, and their sense of purpose from a technologically controlled social collective hive mind. They would live in the permanent psychological safe-space of their own conscious enslavement. Disclosure revealed too late could very well ensure this transhuman fate. Coddled children faced with terrifying truth simply retreat into denial. Will we push off yet another responsibility/burden upon some future unborn generation? Will our children’s children be brave enough, or independent enough to expose the truth that we could not?

In many respects, we are more than half-way there, between the monopolistic control of media and social media networks and the psychological and educational conditioning of young minds, the creative independence and critical thinking of future generations is in dire peril. Humanity needs to embark upon a process of Full Disclosure sooner rather than later. The moment is upon us. Our motivation should be perfectly obvious – to protect our children, all present and future children.


As each of us can testify from our own personal experience, the Awakening Process is not a single event. In most cases it is a lifelong process of revelation, self-discovery, and conscious integration. However our personal journey often begins with a catalyst, a single momentous, memorable event. We get our first glimpse of the mountain that had previously been invisible to us. This specific catalyst sparks our personal journey for truth. Our awakening becomes a personal choice, a desire to climb this mountain of truth to the summit. (In this 3D world of linear time) uncovering truth is always a process rather than an instantaneous event.

Full Disclosure would very likely begin as an event, or THE EVENT, as many have called it, which in and of itself would start out as a Partial Disclosure, when the world as a whole awakens to a major catalyst and begins to undertake the collective journey/process of awakening to Full Disclosure.

There is a misconception that we can achieve Full Disclosure in a relatively short window of time. That Full Disclosure must be unloaded upon the sleeping public as a major (government sponsored) information dump. Not only is this a foolish goal, but likely impossible to achieve. Referring to the definition of Full Disclosure above, the impossibility of a quick fix, fast-food disclosure should really be self-apparent.

For example, the act of posing questions by Qanon is a rather creative disclosure process rather than the wish fulfilment of a major mainstream media disclosure event.

Based upon the trajectory we appear to be headed, we may soon witness a Partial Disclosure event of Deep State crimes (some being horrific.) The possibility of such an event may depend upon our individual and collective will to cross that particularly dangerous Rubicon. Once we cross that threshold, nothing will ever be the same again. It may take the world considerable time to heal from an initial disclosure before many are ready to move forward, and many may never be able to move forward. An unhealthy reaction of avoidance, extreme drug use, even suicide could conceivably result. I know of too many people who are so entrenched and addicted to their own illusions, I suspect they would be unwilling to process and accept such world-shattering disclosures easily, particularly ‘highly educated’ individuals who have built their self-image upon an ego-centric career in service to deep state controlled institutions (basically good people who have acted unconsciously as complicit drones). Those who consciously committed crimes may have a different reaction, possibly fight or flight.

Success is no guarantee. Individually/collectively we may walk right up to this Disclosure Event Rubicon and yet still chicken out. Are banks too big to fail? Is the darkness simply too dark to expose? Will humanity hesitate? Will we stumble? Will we lose our nerve? Will we simply settle for a safe plateau, for a contained Partial Disclosure? My fear is that 3D humanity is running out the clock. (4D is quite a different story). This is the phenomenal challenge our souls choose to experience in this lifetime. The bigger and braver the Event/catalyst, the farther we leap into the necessity process of Full Disclosure.


The human mind resists change, it resists hard truths, it resists what it finds challenging or uncomfortable or threatening. It throws up every possible defense – denial, bargaining, anger, sorrow – anything but acceptance. In every step of the process there will be resistance. That is a given. Thus a powerful catalyst, by its nature, is often necessary to break through this inherent resistance, to push uncomfortable boundaries, to break open the human mind to the possibility of unimaginable information, to face the truth of what was once dismissed as  a conspiracy theory. Yet personal growth only occurs when we challenge our limiting beliefs, when we choose to expand our perception and our thinking. And the same holds true for humanity as a collective. As a civilization, we will never break free from our perpetual state of being enslaved children until we are brave enough to grow up and openly face the truth about ourselves and our world. Only then shall we be free, by reclaiming responsibility for ourselves, as any adult must do.

There will always be resistance to Full Disclosure, both from the top of the pyramid and from the bottom. Thus it is up to those of us who are awake and awakening to keep pushing the boundary forward, past Partial Disclosure, always expecting and requiring Full Disclosure. Once the Rubicon has been crossed, it will become significantly easier. The momentum of the tide will turn. Instead of pushing us back to the shore, it shall propel us out to sea. As more of us push past our own inner resistance, it becomes easier for the rest of humanity to push beyond their inner resistance, and heal.

Full Disclosure is a process that requires all of humanity to take part, to become involved, to work together, to seek truth, to expand the boundary of our understanding of ourselves and the universe we live in. Full Disclosure is destined to become the process that finally brings the world together in peace.