Ashtar: The Current Role of Star Seeds

by Méline Lafont
Good day to you humans, I come with news and joy. It has come to my attention that you all are in a great ordeal and format of confusion and fear. You will soon come to understand what it is like to be of a Galactic nature, to carry the galactic blueprint as it will start to activate in a short notice.

Allow me to inform you that your Stellar sisters and brothers of Light have been downloading different forms and formats of information for each individual on this Earth. All templates of a Galactic nature are receiving, or are rather being bombarded, with multiple codes and information from different Galactic planes. As this differs for each individual, no Being is forgotten nor ignored. ALL of you are receiving the codes which serves the Highest good of Humanity and the SELF.

Dear Star seeds: if you are tuning into my message for Humanity: welcome and listen carefully for further instructions.

The Arcturian Star Seeds are receiving intel from their home Star on how to implement the next generation society of high intelligence and high technology. Each individual from this Galactic nature is downloading this information so that within the next stage of this Ascension process, the uploading can begin.

The Andromeda Star seeds are receiving and uploading codes to format the old matrix so that the Earth’s new Magnetic field can be activated. You function as rebooters whom are rebooting the Earth’s field. Your courage, patience and diligence are needed as well as your healing skills.

The Pleiadian Star seeds are somewhat enduring challenges as these souls are very sensitive to the ongoing chaos and drama. They are most connected to Humanity with their empathy and social skills. These Star seeds are being assisted with the changeover on the level of the Human Beings. This means that they are working on a planetary level and are being downloaded with the Codes from Solaris. Every Solar Flare is a new download for Pleiadian souls, and they can be very rough to integrate these days as the Flares contain stronger and higher frequencies. The Pleiadians are offering humanity the ability to open the hearts and minds, which is very important in this now. These are seeding awakening and are preparing to rebuild a new empire, a new world or community. These are doing their work in the playing field of Humanity: the closest to humanity.

The Sirians are the leaders of this moment. These Star seeds are taking over control so to speak and are stepping forward. These souls will feel the urge and the calling to “do something about it” and are therefore stepping up to make the necessary changes that will come about. We only ask to do it patiently and with integrity. These star seeds are being bombarded with new information, ideas and codes from the Galactic center so that innovative ideas can be birthed on the Earth. Sirians take on a leading role in this stage and are great healers.

The Venusian Star seeds are downloading codes from their home planet Venus and are assisting with the process of Love and compassion. These souls are integrating the Higher Love vibration to help understand humanity their own Divine nature. These are active in the field of nature and are feeling the urge to resist anger, negativity, darkness and hatred. More and more compassion will flow from their hearts to others: allow this to be given onto those whom are lost due to fear.

The Star seeds from Vega and Orion are the builders and architects of the Planetary structure. As we are transforming Earth to a crystalline structure, these Star seeds are responsible and are assisting this major process. Therefore, clarity, focus and strength are a must. These star seeds are daily receiving downloads and updates to integrate the crystalline vibration and are transforming this through their own vehicles. It is as if their vehicles are processing a regeneration themselves and are then passing on this frequency to the Earth.

All the other Star seeded souls on this Earth are processing each their own individual process of higher awakening, as no one is ignored. Each star seed is thus receiving their personal encodements and is awakening that which is ready to be activated. You are all helping and playing a role since we are transitioning into the Aquarian Age.
Remember that everyone must play along and so are you all receiving your codes.

There will come an end to this worry, to this confusion in the world. Each individual is important, and each soul is taking its own path. Many die in fear, forgotten of who they are. That is the only reason why a soul chooses to follow the guidance of fear. Always remember who you are; let this knowing be the guidance for your further path and remain connected with the heart. Never forget who you are, through it all.

We speak soon for more.

Asteyu mayetra minata.