The Gateway to Sirius: THE DARKNESS BEFORE THE DAWN - 5.1.2021

Dearest Ones many of you may be feeling less than hopeful at this moment in time as you continue to be locked down in your homes and appear to be losing yet more of your Freedom in a practical sense. We totally understand what you are all going though in these times but truly these days of lack and loss of Freedom are really the days of darkness before the DAWN.

It is TIME to stand up for your own rights as Sovereign beings NOW but we suggest to you that there are many ways of doing this. Some will still want to fight physically and demonstrate out in the open. Some will be writing their messages and speaking out their TRUTHS on social media. Some will be sitting in the SILENCE and meditating for the good of the planet. You all have your different ways of trying to wake up a sleeping public which might still be listening to the Dark Agenda that is the Main media.

Those who are reading this message may well have already awoken from their slumbers but it is TIME NOW for others to WAKE UP to join you and THEY WILL. You may look to the heavens asking for signs that ALL IS WELL and feel practically as if nothing is happening in your world but what you see on a practical level is just an illusion. We see the LIGHT that is flooding the Earth today in a way that you cannot whilst you are in the 3rd Dimension.

The Earth is being flooded by rays of LIGHT so strong that all souls cannot help but be affected by it. What you are seeing are the last vestiges of the Dark being trapped in a corner and trying to stay in control of their beloved dark but they cannot. Eventually the LIGHT will be seeping into every single corner where the darkness hides. The LIGHT is so strong and powerful that none can escape it now.

This is what you are seeing Dear Ones. Those of the dark agenda are reacting against the LIGHT by trying to prove their own so called Power. However the more that they do this and try to push people to crawl into their own dark corners, the more these people will want to stand up and see the LIGHT for themselves. More restrictions will actually help to awaken more souls as to what is actually going on. If you push people into corners they will eventually explode and come out fighting.

Many of you now have 1 foot in the 5th Dimension and 1 foot still in the 3rd and this is a way of staying grounded and knowing what you want in a better world. What you see all around you is just a catalyst for CHANGE to happen. Yes it is Time for others to wake up but if they resist you and don't want to listen to you, you can help them in more subtle ways other than bombarding them with your own TRUTH.

We are asking LIGHTWORKERS to go WITHIN now as much as they can to overcome any doubts that they may have as to what is going on at this time. If people do not seem to be listening to you physically, talk to their souls. Talk to your own higher self on how to overcome the restrictions that are happening.

You are still allowed to go out into Nature. Go talk to the trees, flora and fauna and be grateful for all that they do for you. Be grateful for all that you still have when further restrictions happen. They can never take away your SOUL. Your SOUL is the most Powerful thing that you have. Go within and always stay in touch with your own TRUE SOUL. Be not dissuaded by the main media news, go within to find your own NEWS and know that you can change and create that NEW WORLD from within.

The more that you go within and see the LOVE and LIGHT from within, the more you will begin to see the LIGHT from WITHOUT. You can all change the world from WITHIN. The Dark agenda knows this and they are running scared. They know what will anger and distract LIGHTWORKERS and stop them from using these inner powers. They Fear YOU Dear Ones. Don't let them affect you.

As Sovereign beings of LOVE and LIGHT you are the POWERFUL ones. KNOW this without a shadow of doubt.

Many of you are at the end of your tethers and feeling exhausted and drained by a long hard fight for the LIGHT. We are here to tell you not to give up at the final hour.

Call on us to help you in your DARK night of the SOUL and we will help you to finally overcome the Darkness from within. Dry those tears of frustration and anger. KNOW that you are at the end of your Darkness and are just beginning to see the DAWN of THE NEW DAY and the LIGHT that comes with it.

Look up into the LIGHT and see the JOY and HOPE of a NEW DAY.

Go within and create that NEW world of LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE and JOY.


Have no Fear, ALL IS WELL.

We send you many BLESSINGS and much LOVE.

We are Sirius.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 5.1.2021.