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New Chapter in Knowledge Base: A Pleiadian tells his story

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The RA Download : 12 Strand Crystalline DNA Activation

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Earth is a galactic hub of inter-dimensional beings. If you have found yourself to this article, this is most likely not a new concept for you. We have been visited by higher vibrational Beings since the beginning of our civilization. It has been highly documented (although suppressed) that these beings have given us mathematics, language, and technology beyond our comprehension and ability. This extra help from our cosmic friends has allowed us to expand exponentially throughout the years. We have advanced our civilization faster than any other third-dimensional civilization in the universe. Read More…

HOW to be a 5D Person - Extraterrestrial Pleiadian Message (Taygeta)

Ascending to the New Earth - Client QHHT Sessions

Galactic Humans 101 FREE Webinar

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• About PAO
• Our History & ET origins - Starseeds
• The Great Shift - Why Now?
• The Galactic Federation and Other Factors in the Shift
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