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Matt Kahn: In This Moment, The Universe Wants You To Know...

It is common for life’s most hurtful and aggressive reactions to stem from some form of disappointment. When we're disappointed, a condition of expectation leads us to resent another person for not measuring up to an imagined standard we need the other to hold in order to feel whole. While it can seem as though the disappointments others embody are the reasons why lack remains active, it is resolved when shifting the expectations projected onto others into what one expects from oneself. Read More…

Matt Kahn: Where Healing & Realization Meet

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Matt Kahn: New Energy Update!

Dear Friend, Although many can view the current state of the planet as apocalyptic signs, it’s important to know that an apocalypse is actually the process of ascension merely viewed through the lens of an unraveling ego structure. To help you through this process, let’s explore the gifts and opportunities the Universe is ushering in, on all of our behalf, to move awareness beyond the surreal intensity of a rapidly-changing world. At this time, the Universe is expanding the collective consciousness by helping evolving beings such as yourself to become aware of and to continue the process of unraveling core limiting beliefs out of your cellular memory. Read More…

Matt Kahn: The Truth About Resistance

Absolutely nothing occurs in your reality as a result of resistance. What many perceive as a resistance to change is a process of gaining necessary amounts of experience to transform “I don’t know what to do” into “I’ve been here before and my familiarity allows me to trust the process I am in”. This is why everything happens exactly as it does: to provide you the gift of experience, allowing you to inevitably feel so safe throughout the churning waves of change that you are able to be fully aware through each up, down, gain, and loss so that you can receive the wisdom each outcome or encounter is bringing to your attention. Read More…

Matt Kahn: How Love Heals

During this most critical time in history, it is essential to define the true meaning of love and its role in helping humanity heal. While society has maintained an unconscious ebb and flow of behavior, seemingly built upon layers of denial and repressed pain, the time has come for each and every skeleton to be cleared out of the collective closet to remove the blinders of our collective awareness, so to manifest the most optimal environment for all beings to thrive. In order to know how love heals, it is imperative to understand what love is and isn’t in its most useful and practical context. Read More…

Matt Kahn: What It Means To Become Conscious

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Matt Kahn: Energy Update - 5.5.2020

Dear Friend, May this energy update help confirm your experiences and clarify any confusion when living as an empath during the most pivotal shift of human evolution in Earth’s history. These unprecedented times can certainly make it quite challenging for light workers, especially with so many of us still acclimating and adjusting to life in a higher vibrational altitude. The most recent Ascension update sees Mother Earth settling into alignment with 5D consciousness, while a significant percentage of Earth’s inhabitants adjust to life at a higher frequency of consciousness. Read More…

Matt Kahn: Surviving the Unthinkable

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Matt Kahn: Thy Will Be Done

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Matt Kahn: From Coronavirus to Consciousness

With the widespread panic of pandemic flu in the air, whether creating the anticipated perception of illness in your mind to fight, track, and avoid, or experiencing symptoms that have you more sincerely worried for your wellbeing than ever before, there is always an equal opportunity to allow any form of collective hysteria to act as wake up calls to greater consciousness — within you and the planet. Read More…

Matt Kahn: Facing Uncertainty

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The Beauty of Remembrance - Matt Kahn

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Consciousness Is Everything - Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn: Why Let Go?

In order to know the benefits of letting go, it is essential to first identify what you might be holding on to.  Perhaps you are holding onto a dream of how you want your life to be? And, of course, the purpose of life is to grow, so it is natural and important to always strive toward greater horizons of experience. But when any degree of striving for change overlooks the equally important facet of appreciating all that you have — an imbalance occurs. In this space of imbalance, where more time is spent striving towards something different than appreciating exactly the way life happens to be, you experience a degree of shutting down, known commonly as sadness. Read More…

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Matt Kahn: Ascension Update - 30.06.2018

If you are reading these words, you are already in the process of ascending, whether you feel the way you desire, or await a “big bang” moment of realization to fall from the sky. The primary purpose of ascension is to help you navigate your human journey of time while aligned with the timeless wisdom, inspiration, and guidance of your soul’s highest knowing and deepest calling. As you ascend, the story of time will still play out externally, but felt and experienced uniquely from the view of your timeless inner witness.  Read More…

Loving Fearlessly - Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn: Emotional Forecast for June 2018

As we celebrate the welcoming of a new solstice, we enter into a new phase of our journey more emotionally cleansed than ever before. Maybe you feel more so wrung out than cleansed at the moment, but with time, you may come to see the brand new beginning that has opened for you.  Read More…

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Emotional Forecast - 8/21/17 - Entering Unity Consciousness

Today’s eclipse represents the emotional and energetic harvest for all the hard work so many lightworkers and earth angels have been doing over the past many weeks. For many years, energetically-sensitive souls have laid the crucial foundation for the energies that today’s eclipse celebrates as the further unveiling of unity consciousness. Read More…

The End of Inner Conflict - Matt Kahn