ALL ASPECTS OF HUMANITY CONTRIBUTE TO THE WHOLE - Highest Council of Light through Penni Moore


Dearest beings of light, what a beautiful time it is on your planet, where new truths are coming to light every day. We know many of you have had your doubts as to how life on your earth plane has and will be playing out. But if you are very aware you are able to feel within your beingness that positive changes are beginning to show up on the level of form. We call this awareness your inner knowing. So there is nothing to fear, and certainly divine trust for all of you is a major component at this time, and in moving forward.

Those of you who have been following what is truly going on, in both what appears as positive events and negative events all serve the higher purpose. What is that higher purpose you ask? That purpose is the process of moving Gaia and humanity into the 5th dimension and beyond. Now how beautiful is that? What you need to focus on right now is clearing your own internal and external “baggage”. Your role coming into the earth plane was to clear your karma and learn the lessons you have yet to conquer from lifetime to lifetime. Some of humanity unfortunately keep piling the karma on their “plates”, so to speak. It is like taking one step forward and two steps back. But no worries all of humanity will reach their goal of enlightenment in their own time. You all have your journeys to partake in. There are so many amazing lightworkers and star seeds in place to help you along the way.

We have advised time and time again that all of you have work to do, on all levels of your being. Your spiritual journey is about raising your frequency to be more in alignment with Source. As to your mental body this area is about clearing your thoughts and focusing on not only high vibrational thoughts but clearing the thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back from ascending, as well. Then there is your physical body where your focus needs to be on healing, by eating high vibrational light foods, and drinking pure alive water. Light foods come from Mother Earth’s table, so to speak. These foods are fruits and vegetables, preferably eaten in the raw state. You need to get out in nature every day and commune with the flora and fauna. Take the time, if possible to walk barefoot on this beautiful earth. Walking barefoot grounds you to the energy of the earth. May we say that more and more people are practising yoga, tai-chi, martial arts and Qigong to name a few healing movement practices. Work on the emotional body is about clearing your emotions so you remain neutral in all experiences. Any event that happens around you is neutral until you react to it and give it meaning. It is also about becoming emotionally mature and emotionally available. Focus on staying in joy as you move through your day.

We want to state here, as well, that you also need to work on consistently being your authentic self, no matter how others react to you. Standing in your power and sovereignty is of utmost importance in assisting your movement into a higher vibration.

Observe your life as a beautiful and intricate tapestry. Observe the events and happenings moving through your life. If something upsets you, observe where the trigger is coming from, and release your “triggers” to Spirit to transform for the good of all. Know on some level all your healing experiences affects the whole of humanity and even your ancestors who have gone before you. It is always a “win-win” outcome when each one of you heals on all levels. Think about that for a few minutes! Your healing affects all of humanity, even timelines of the past. Whoa! So now you are thinking, “That is really amazing!” And our reply is, “It certainly is.” Your healing benefits everyone – past, present and future.

You answered the call

With that said, we move into the future or should we say your future selves. Those enlightened non-terretrial beings assisting humanity and Gaia are your future selves. How do you ask? As your future selves you have seen the potential of Gaia, and the truth of what has been occurring on planet earth for thousands of years. You have volunteered to come back to earth in your current embodiment to assist in the healing of humanity and the earth. You answered the call as to, “All hands on deck”, so to speak, to ensure humanity and earth increase their frequencies exponentially, in order to move into the Golden Age. You all have a job to do whether you are on the front lines ushering in change, clearing out the evil and darkness on the planet, holding the light for all, or assisting as a healer in whatever modality you chose to heal earth and your brothers and sisters.

No one is left out. Remember even if you are conquering your own lessons and effecting your own healing, as we previously advised, everyone benefits. So, see you are all making a huge difference as to how humanity and the earth moves forward. We would like to see all of you jumping in joy, in knowing all of you are contributing to the new earth. You might ask, “But what about those people who choose not to awaken?” Yes, there will be some people who choose to remain in the dark and unawakened but maybe, just maybe they chose coming into this embodiment, to show the other side – that of being unawakened. There are always two sides to a coin, so to speak. Source is uncanny and miraculous in allowing all to unfold in such a manner that all aspects of humanity contribute to the whole.

As you know, you are living out your lives in a hologram. All is an illusion, but in that illusion amazing things happen, so everyone benefits. You are just playing out your embodiment on what you would call “life’s stage”. You are all actors in this so called dream of portraying that of being a human.

Our advice in moving forward is to “hang in there”. Do your part and watch what miraculously occurs, day in and day out. Earth and it’s inhabitants have so much to look forward to. As you move forward enjoy each day, no matter what is going on around you. All is happening as it should.

On that note we wish you all Godspeed and a promising journey ahead!

July 6, 2021