SEE YOUR LIFE AS A COLOURFUL TAPESTRY - Highest Council Of Light Through Penni Moore


Good day to all lightbeings! We see some of you are struggling somewhat as to your direction, at this time. May we say that your paths are unfolding as they were laid out to be. Where humanity gets into trouble with their mindset is when they cannot see what is going on behind the scenes, at any given time. This struggle is not only within you individually, but the collective as a whole.

This channel does recall that life is living us as a species. All direction and activation of the energy downloads come from within the Divine blueprint within each and every one of you. As the energies from other planets star systems and the central sun come into the planet, assimilations and activations take place within the corporal body which stimulates the human into action through the knowledge received within. We trust this gives you a better idea as to how ideas and inspirations are processed within and acted upon.

Your lives, are laid out for you prior to each embodiment. Nothing is by chance! You are continually being Divinely guided through your journey every step of the way. But you all have free will. You all choose whether to take action. Even nonaction is a choice. Different scenarios may play out in your lives, but the ultimate goal for each of you is ascension, leading to enlightenment. Think of your lives as a series of continuous upgrades occurring time after time, and the growth of the soul with each new upgrade goes along with this premise. Like technology is being continually upgraded so is the human soul.

Your role is to continue to work on taking care of your bodies. Add to this the clearing of all which does not give you peace. Be consistently out in nature to rejuvenate and enjoy the beauty around you to stay balanced. In addition simplify your life, in order to keep your eye on the prize, so to speak. And the prize is enlightenment, which is ultimately attained throughout your journey in each embodiment in every dimension where you reside. Remember you are multidimensional beings. Where one gets into turmoil is the belief that their path has to be a certain way. Roadblocks and obstacles along the way cause frustration, anger, resentment, and possibly even feelings of defeat for many. But there is no “one size fits all.” There are going to be bumps along the way. Those bumps allow you to sit back and evaluate your path, and see where redirection is necessary. Let us assure you, all of you will reach your ascension goals eventually. So why don't you just enjoy the journey. Take the good with the bad, so to speak, and always know you are following the path you laid out for yourself. Remember Earth is a learning planet. Earth is a duality planet. Earth allows freewill. The freewill you to choose again to redirect your path. It could be described as an either or scenario.

It is a good idea to maintain a journal of your day to day experiences, feelings, and life path, because one is continuously learning from their experiences. When you keep a journal your life experiences are written down. These experiences and notations act as a guide to healing, clearing and moving beyond dis-ease or lack of peace in your lives. Allow yourselves all the tools you need to navigate your journey on this planet. These tools may be meditation, physical exercise, enjoying nature through participating in a variety of outdoor activities, eating a life enhancing diet, and utilizing forgiveness. Do what you need to do for yourself.

As parents be a guide for your children, so they too experience peace, balance and joy. When our children are stressed and herded from one activity to the next, they seldom get the chance to just “be". Playtime, especially outdoors is an excellent outlet for children. Add to this sufficient rest and healthy whole foods. You as parents guide your children in this manner, and they will thrive!

As to this channel, she too is frustrated at times on her path. Get back on track. You know what your body can and cannot tolerate. You set yourself back a few steps when you neglect taking care of your vehicle. As a friend once told this channel, “It is not all about just spirituality!” He is so right in this statement! You are living in this world, but you are not of this world. Having said that, your health and vitality are important as well. You want to be mentally sharp and fit to enjoy your life. Balance in all you do is key. This is balance in rest diet, exercise, spiritual growth, and taking the time to just “BE!” There doesn't always have to be a schedule to follow. Again, balance in all you do is key!

As to your work as a lightworker, it has been ongoing for you. Stop waiting for something big to happen, and keep being of service on a day to day basis. Your light is felt wherever you are, in whatever you are doing. Your main objective is to be the light that you truly are. Everything else flows from that.

So, may we suggest you just breathe and live your life in peace and joy. Whatever unfolds is what is supposed to. There are no accidents or coincidences. You do know this. We are just reminding you. So continue to work on yourself and follow through on the guidance given to you, and through you, and allow all to unfold as it was ordained to be.

From our vantage point all is done. All is complete. We see the unfoldment of your lives with so much joy, and we encourage you on your path. Look at your lives as a colorful tapestry representing all the threads of your journey. This tapestry represents the most benevolent miracle of life, in this gift you call your journey. Now how beautiful is that! Until next time, love and light to all.