Dianne Robbins Monthly Message: United We Stand

The weather anomalies on Earth are out-picturing the chaos in people's mental bodies. There are so many restrictions and laws being imposed upon the people and so much confusion and fear that people are feeling and that Nature is absorbing and then reflecting back to us in the form of erratic weather. Nature is out-picturing people's confusion and fears, along with all the pollution it has had to absorb from people's careless ways and harm to the Earth.

There will be a few more storms or weather anomalies and then be over.  You have already experienced Covid, fires and drought. And now we are witnessing the suppression of the Divine Feminine taking place in Afghanistan that soon will be put to an eternal end. By 2025 a new Earth will emerge based on Love and Equality for all.

This is the End Times you have all heard about - the END of all darkness and confusion and war that will soon usher in the Era of Light that will be everlasting and permanent.  It will be a magnificent time to be alive ~ and it's just over the horizon.  Just a few more years Beloveds, and you will experience permanent peace on Earth in preparation for Earth's ascension.  For in order for Earth and its people to ascend, there must first be peace. There are only good things to look forward to.

Do not lose hope... focus only on God's plan for humanity and it is grand indeed... about to unfold before your very eyes!

The Earth is now filled with great Beings of Light from other Star Systems who have come to help the people of Earth out of this darkness.  Angels by the millions are now covering the Earth with their Light and Love and shining it everywhere, uncovering the darkness and deceit that has overtaken the leaders of countries all for the purpose of control and money. From our vantage point in the Hollow Earth through our computers that monitor the surface, we see all - we hear all - and we know all that is transpiring.

The Light Forces are in full control, and you will be seeing great changes looming on the horizon in the very near future ~ for as the Light pours in, the darkness recedes. There is so much to look forward to !

For great changes are ahead for the American people and the people of the World - including Afghanistan.  The Spiritual Hierarchy and Angels and Silent Watchers and Great Cosmic Beings are all focused on planet Earth, helping in myriad ways to remove the darkness and usher in the Light.  Soon you will see great assemblages and masses of people take to the streets in protest against all the injustices and constraints and laws being imposed against Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Movement, Freedom of Speech.  People by the hundreds of thousands will protest and join together to demand the truth.  You will see the grounds of the White House filled with millions of silent protesters who stand with their backs turned on the White House demanding the return of justice and liberty and freedom of speech.  This is indeed the GREAT AWAKENING we've all been waiting for and IT IS HERE NOW!

You all signed up to be here at this time on Earth to be part of this Awakening and your Light makes it all possible!  


I am Mikos, Head Librarian of the Library of Porthologos located inside the very center of our Hollow Earth. Good Day Beloveds.........

August 30, 2021
Copyright © Dianne Robbins