Dearest Ones Now is the time to sit back and reflect on all that has been going on in your own life in these past few months of this so called pandemic. Many of you as spiritual warriors have been fighting the tyranny that has been going on and it is time now for you all to take a step back and REFLECT on all that you have achieved in your own personal life by so doing.

We hear your cries of exhaustion and frustration and wanting the battle to be over. Many of you may be thinking that nothing has even changed and it may seem to you that the majority of people around you are still asleep, so to speak.

We are here to tell you that even though many friends and family around you are still thinking differently to you, after you have been trying to persuade them otherwise, ALL IS WELL. It is time now to REFLECT on what THEY have been feeling and to try to understand them and to not fight them anymore. Do not believe, that if people around you do not think like you, that they are the enemy. The real enemy is Fear.

It is time now to show those around you only LOVE not Anger. It is time now to stop the arguments and discussions and show only LOVE. Listen to their worries, fears and sadnesses but do not engage, REFLECT the LOVE through your eyes, agree to disagree, end the arguments and just walk away if necessary.

You have all done such an amazing job of waking people up, and they are, but it is time now to come together with your friends and families and to not disassociate from them. Their personalities may not have heard you but their soul will have done so. It maybe that you have not awoken them but others may well do so in the future.

There maybe some who are very angry with you by your refusal to comply with the restrictions. Take no heed of these people for they are in fear and cannot understand your LOVE of Freedom. Do not engage with these people for they will lower your vibration. They will awaken in time.

Loving the enemy is the path of the true Spiritual Warrior at work. It is a difficult path to take and many fall by the wayside. As you keep focussing on LOVE you will be more than able to take on the new vibrations that are being beamed upon Earth at this time.

Imagine these new vibrations as pure LOVE and you will begin to see many changes in those around you. You have all gone through your own personal journey of Ascension upgrades and in the process you have gone through many challenges but it is time now to sit back and enjoy the show, so to speak.

Everything is an illusion and many of you are seeing through the illusion that others are in control of your own destiny. It is time now to reflect on your life and realise, that as you come to this pivotal point in your own lives, YOU have manifested everything for your own soul journey to be able to ASCEND to the 5th Dimension of LOVE, PEACE and HARMONY on Earth NOW.

YOU are an amazing soul who came to Earth to help Gaia and her inhabitants to Ascend to the 5th Dimension at this time. Many were called but few were chosen and YOU are one of the chosen strong ones. Believe this Dear Ones and continue on your own soul journey whether others are with you or not. You may feel very much alone but Dear Ones you are never, ever alone. We are with you constantly and we are here to support you. Call on us both day and night and we will help you to complete the mission that you all came here to achieve.

The battle is over Dear Ones ALL IS WELL even though what you are seeing maybe to the contrary. When you are feeling low, call on us and we will be with you in an instant to lighten your vibration. Stay away from those who would darken your LIGHT and engage with those who would help you to shine your LIGHT.

There are no accidents, you are where you are for a reason. You may be the only one shining the LIGHT around you but never give up for the LIGHT conquers the dark always. If you are the only one shining the LIGHT around you, it just means that you are the strong one showing them the way.

Have no fear of anything that those in their so called Power are throwing at you. Those on the Dark side are just trying to use their last vestiges of control as they see their own futures fall apart. We have told you many times that YOU can neutralise any dark force that is trying to take over you in any way.

There has been much talk of the dark side using food, water, weather patterns, chemicals, so called viruses and now solutions being injected into you to harm you and to hide your LIGHT. Dear Ones we are here to tell you yet again to have no fear whatsoever about anything that these so called dark forces try to throw at you. Their power is no more. YOU are the strong ones NOW and YOU can neutralise anything with which you come into contact and turn it into LIGHT. YOU can REFLECT that LIGHT back into the darkness and in so doing CHANGE the World.



We are SIRIUS and we are with you always.

We applaud you all and we send you much Love, Light and Blessings.

Channelled by Thea Grace Sirius on 13.12 2021