Dearest Ones many of you maybe feeling down at this time and we are here to help you Shine your Light in what may seem a confused and dark world. Those of you who are reading this missive may well have come to Earth from your home in the stars specifically to help Gaia and her Earthly souls go through their transformation from being in a 3rd Dimension world to a true Heaven on Earth which some call the 5th Dimension.

Some of you maybe living in a 4th Dimensional world of confusing emotions, happy at times but depressed at other times when your mind can deceive you into thinking that you will never ascend to that happiness again. The energies that are being beamed to the Earth from the Great Central Sun are affecting all in a myriad of ways. You may well feel as if you are in a washing machine or on a roller coaster of emotions. These emotions are coming to the surface to be finally healed. This may well be a difficult time for you but have no Fear these times will not last and when you surface on the other side, life will have changed to an immense degree.

As a Lightworker you came to Earth to help Gaia transcend and it is time now for you all to go back to Gaia for her to help you. More and more of you are waking up to your mission but still some sleep. Be aware that it is taking time for some to wake up, so to speak, but do not despair, the energies will be ramping up and it will be almost impossible to stay asleep in the near future.

The darker elements who have been controlling Earthly inhabitants for centuries have left the planet and what you are seeing now are those who they have controlled sleep walking and still causing some havoc on the planet. They have been so brainwashed that they know no other way of being. Being amongst these people will not harm you now, for you are far stronger than they, but they can dim your light and can cause you to descend and you need to be aware.

It is time now for you to cut the ties from all of the angst and negativity that you have suffered in the past and let it go. Many of you may well have been living with others who are not of the same frequency as you and this can dim your light. It may be hard for you but if the gap is wide between you, you may have to stay away from friends and family members until such time that they too awaken to their mission. You will just know who to be with. These are the people who cheer you up when you are down and you in turn can help them when they are down. You will begin to see that some people are just takers and they will take from you until you drop and not be there for you when you need them.

You may well have been supporting them with your Light but if they are causing you angst it may be time to keep your distance. You can do no more to help them now but by keeping your distance they will have to turn inwards and help themselves. If the thought of being alone scares you, have no fear, for if you let go of people who do not help you, others will come into your life who will be more supportive. Always call on the higher realms for we are always here to support you.

The energies are such that everyone is being stirred up, so to speak. What you are seeing in the wider world is just a so called play of what is happening in everyone's personal world. The main media are stirring up fear in everyone of a nuclear war as has happened in the past on Earth. We have to tell you that the One will not allow Earth to be destroyed and will always let us intervene if this seems to be happening and we have done so in the past. The One gave everyone Free Will to live out their lives on Earth and for souls to learn and grow, but that Free Will does not extend to destroying a planet.

It is time for you to go within and clear away any last vestiges of sadnesses from your past and heal your soul so that you can go forward into the 5th Dimension as a Shining Light. Let go of past grief, let go of anger and let go of those who have hurt you.

As a Shining Light you will be much needed to help and heal others when they do awaken but until such times, go within to heal yourselves. Rest and meditate, do things that make you happy. Have no fear and do not worry about the world situation for it will resolve itself.

Go out into Nature, connect with Gaia and find a way to heal any grievances that you have. Gaia has been hurt by humans but she holds no grievance herself and she will be there for you. As you help her she will help you. The present maybe uncertain at this time but YOU are the future and YOU can manifest all that you need to help yourself and everyone Ascend into that Heaven on Earth that is your destiny.

It is as if the whole world is being thrown up in the air for all of the good to settle and the bad to be blown away. The world may seem as if it is in turmoil now but dear Ones what will come out of this turmoil will amaze and astound you. Good always comes out of bad. Have no Fear, Trust and Believe and All will be well.

Call on us for help and guidance but as always YOU are the Shining Lights and YOU are the Saviours of the World.

We send you much Love, Light and Blessings.

We are Sirius.

Channelled by Thea Grace on 15.3.2022